Sidewalk Pictures

You walked up to me
And simply said hi.
You got on my nerves
But I wanted to fly.
Here someone was
That I know understands
How it was to 'lone
Not holding kind hands.
For one whole day
You stood by my side.
We didn't know names
But we had naught to hide.
The shops that were open
We passed them all by,
Save for a few
That caught my eye.
The day was great
Just as it passed
That's when it hit me
This might not last.
"Where do you live?"
The question was out.
He smiled sadly
And then looked about.
The day may fade
And the picture may pass,
But my memory of you
Will always last.
So until that day
When we meet again
I have this to say;
On the sidewalk I'll stay.
The last line and the title refer to where Matt and I met. To clear things
up there was this sidewalk chalk contest and we were both contestants. I'm
just telling him I'll meet him again in the same spot we first met, next to
the Sidewalk Pictures.