Symmetry of life
Gradation of a black soul
Repenting thy sin
Behold my confessions

Confessions-of darkness
Of black clouds swirling
In barren lands
And dried up rivers

Confessions-heard beyond
Netherworld gates
Confessions-whispered about
Haunted fields

Confessions-to shed light
On the road walked upon
By a lowly spirit
A lowly spirit revealing its sins

Confessions-to lighten its burden
Of guilt deep within the heart
Of sins and scars done in the past
Of obsessions within a conceited mind

Confessions-a revelation
Of such secrets preferred to be hidden
Of a dark past, that wanted to be forgotten
Of desires that needs to be satisfied

Symmetry of life
Gradation of a black soul
These sins, repented
These confessions I have made