Letting You Go
© 2003 Black Tangled Heart

Burned from the illusion of your love
[Oh it was just a fantasy formed from glitter and a heart too trusting
A heart manipulated]
One held the power to heal the blisters that formed and heat that seared
Painfully across everything I'd ever known of you
[scorch the memories to ashes
smoulder every promise to cinders
turn the scarlet passion black]
I want to boil everything down to rawness
Start again. Fresh and new. Without scars.
[without gouges; clot the bleeding - stop
the bleeding
the bleeding
the bleeding]
Snuff out my spark and let my heart
Encase itself in the numbing ice of friendship
Until new warmth melts the cold
And my soul emerges, whole and healed.
Whole and healed