My soul searching is done

finding myself spinning

twirling out of existance

soaring towards the endless light

sleeping within its warmth

crushing away every last sorrow

breathing in the love and peace

singing a beautiful tune

that blocks out all the noise.

A sweet angel am I,

that thunders with serenity.

Glowing with a bright yellow light

shining off my bare skin

touching every soul

lost and confused

still searching,

for the love;

they deeply desire.

Connected with so many

yet so far away from them.

Floating all around space;

my invisible spirit

catches so much

within its eyes.

Humming back to me

a universal peace

all stuck together

in a small circle.

A unity,

that frees my poisoned blood

from the great barriers

of sadness and hatred

that once stood

so proud and tall.

Now the crumbled ruins

lay before my very feet.

I step forward

smiling with victory

Breathing in and out

the sweet air of triumph.

How life feels so good again!