Darkness Within

He walked through the dark corridor and, although he knew the way by heart, he placed a hand on the wall to guide him. His night vision helped him to look at the door he was about to enter but he still wondered why there were no lights on the hallway.

Footsteps came closer, and around the curve, a boy with black wings came running towards the door but stopped abruptadly when he saw a tall creature against the wall. After looking at him in shock for some seconds, he recognized his face and quickly bowed at him.

"Sir I'm so happy to see you've recovered" he said nervously "I was just-" his sentence was cut by the mans voice.

"How long have I been unconscious?" he asked coldly, not even looking at the boy.

"A week sir" he said in a low voice.

"You may go now" the boy raised his face and ran back the way he came.

The man opened the door and entered a big room full of candle lights and windows on the ceiling. As he entered he pulled his shoulders back and arched his back. Two black and majestic wings came out of his back they were slightly bigger than him. The two opened but closed again, curving towards each other.

He sat on the table that lay in the middle of the room and looked at the stars. Then the door slammed open.

"Oh your highness!" a man with beard, glasses and a sort of nightgown, entered loudly with a big smile on his face. "You woke up. Finally!" he walked towards the table and looked at the creature that sat in front of him.

"How many times do I have to tell you just to call me Quinten?" he said lowering his head and showing a light grin. "You've been my teacher for almost 10 years, and you can't even call me by my name?" he let a tiny laugh looking at a now very serious man in front of him.

"Have you seen yourself in a mirror?" he asked Quinten, who was now, by the question, in a cold expression again.

" Yes, but I don't explain myself what's happening" he lowered his face to see his hands, "my whole body has turned into a very dark purple colour, almost black" he lifted his hands and began to move them, "my skin is now hard but flexible, but my birth mark is still there" he showed the man a black mark that began from his fingers and ended on his wrist.

He looked at the man who stared at him. " I think this is the new generation of black angels" he sighed. "New generation? But I wasn't born like this" he said while scratching the wood of the table with his claws.

"It's a transformation that you get after getting into the limit of your power, it's very rare"

"But the strange thing is, I can't transform back into my original body"

"Of course you can't, because this is your body that was just hidden in the other one, and you'll stay like this forever. But it's still not clear for me how it happened. What could make you go further than your limit of power?" Quinten stood quiet, the leaned forward "Can you remember what happened at the end of the war?"

"No" Quinten stopped and stood up "I don't remember anything, I keep getting flash backs but they don't make any sense" he slammed his fist on the table. The table suddenly shook and cracked in half. Quinten stood there in amazement. Before the transformation occurred he used to be very strong, but this was just not normal.

"Well until you remember what happened I guess you'll have to get used to your new body" he stood up "because it won't be easy." He smiled and left the black angel staring at the broken table.