Finding the missing statues

Kalen smirked at the slayers who shivered at her actions. She began to laugh, some slayer backed off while other's grabbed their weapon tightly. Fighting black angels was hard, and this one seemed to be demented.

As soon as Kalen stopped laughing, she back flipped to make up for the needed space in the room and stayed near the window where Quinten and Sjoers had flown away. She twirled her staff with one hand and seemed to wait for while. She studied all the slayers positions. After some seconds the fighters snapped out of their strange state and attacked the waiting black angel.

The first victim was a soldier that foolishly attacked from the front. Kalen easily swept her weapon horizontally in a graceful move of her arm. The weapon cut off the upper part of the head easily. making a mess and splashing everyone else around with blood.

The second rival tried a sneak attack from the back but she quickly sensed the danger and thrust her blade backwards into his stomach and as she took in out she sliced the upper body of other two soldiers.

Sakit grabbed Lock by the waist and helped him to get up. "come on lock, we can't let those angels go away-" she stopped at mid sentence as she saw that the angel was *very* capable of. . . well, human slaughter.

She cursed under her breath as most of her men were falling dead. "Come on Lock we have to go, now!" Lock was half conscious but walked with her to the exit of the house.

Kalen was getting bored quickly as humans were killed fairly easy. She somersaulted, spun and attacked without even sweating a drop. The only thing she was getting, was all dirty by the blood the slayers spilt.

The wreckful smell was getting her a headache so she decided to end the stupid battle fast enough to catch her companions, Kalen stood still and a faint green glow became apparent, silhouetting her slim figure, she clapped her palms together as if praying, the glow then seemed to concentrate on the hands only. The enemies watched in awe, unable to move. Slowly, she separated her hands and a green glowing sphere appeared, she finally looked up and smirked.

She closed her hands and jumped back near the window, where she had previously started. The angel opened both hands and launched two small spheres to the middle of the room; she immediately jumped out of the window. A few seconds later the house disappeared in a huge explosion.


"There are ten people following us, and other fifteen waiting on that forest." Karabor said as she opened her eyes.

"You are a mind reader?" Quinten asked rather amazed. Nowadays mind readers were very rare, klitch's had increased their number but because they worked no longer for angels it was strange to see them, or their powers.

Karabor nodded proudly at the comment, Tadec wished he could also increase his mind reading and sensing powers.

"I used to read minds too, but I stopped studying when I realized I didn't really need it." Sjoers smiled at the thought of old times.

"Even if you had been able to read my mind, you couldn't understand it." Quinten smirked.

"You're right, you were and are, some kind of freak." Both angels began to laugh leaving the younger ones to sweat drop.

They flew over the dessert and stopped at the sight of a forest.

"How can a forest grow in the middle of a desert?" Quinten asked as they began to fly lower.

"It's artificial, well the trees are real, but they had to spend allot of money trying to bring the forest like it would have been earlier, that's why this museum is so important." Karabor pointed out.

"Don't you need trees for oxygen?" Tadec asked, he had been recently studying about Dasha.

"Not anymore, they built machines that help to create the same oxygen, that was right after the 'Desert War'." Karabor shrugged.

"What?" Quinten looked at her in question.

"You sure aren't from this era." Karabor sighed.

"Last time I was here people used to ride on horses!" Quinetn shouted annoyed by her attitude.

"Last time he was here, the 'Technology War' happened." Sjoers answered the confused look in the girls face.

"That was long ago." She whispered in surprise.

"I remember you hired a demon and an angel to help me with my first months as ruler." Quinten smiled to himself. "Good old times."

They landed on a clear space at the back of a huge building.

"This is it" Sjoers let Karabor go while Quinten threw Tadec on the floor.

"Hey be more careful!"

"Shut up brat" Quinetn looked at the building "Lets get going." Before he could jump he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Are you sure you want to go alone?" Sjoers looked at him with concern.

"I started this problem, I have to put a end to it." Quinten looked away.

"Don't die on me you hear?" Sjoers grabbed both of his friend's shoulders.

"They can't kill me that easy." The black angel smiled to comfort Sjoers.

"If you make one false move-" Sjoers began to warn.

"I know. I'm dead." Quinten took one-step back wards. "Sjoers stop worrying!"

"They're here." Karabor's voice said dully.

"Quick go! I'll distract them!" Sjoers shouted as the sound of cars and helicopters surrounded the area.

Quinten nodded and quickly turned to study the windows, he final found the on he was looking for. He reached his cloak and took it off; the garment fell heavily on the ground lifting dust into the air.

In one swift movement Quinten reached the window, he stood in the balcony and with his claws; he created a hole big enough for his hand to fit.

The angel opened the window and the all-familiar coloured skin reappeared on his body. He steeped inside the room like a spider, crawling on the wall, before a red laser could reach him; he jumped to a pillar that was on the other side.

He moved from pillar to wall and from wall to pillar until he finally reached a room with lasers he could clearly see because of his night vision. The lasers were set in the height of a normal person's knees, while others were placed on the roof. The room had in the middle a large glass column from where two statues floated in the middle.

Quinten smirked and closed his eyes, his body slowly began to transform until he became a black feline. He crawled under the lasers until he reached the column, there he looked inside the glass, and there stood two figures, a black one and a green one. Both moving circularly.

'That must be Dasha's statue, and there is mine." He knew the glass had an alarm, so he couldn't break it. He hadn't thought about how he would get the statues. 'Shit, I'm screwed.' He cursed under his breath and hit the column with one of his paws, instantly a little metal lid fell on the floor, he looked at it not really knowing what it was, then he looked a same sized hole in the column, many cables ran through the inside.

'I'm such a lucky bastard' he smiled at him self and with a quick slash he ripped all the wires. He heard the statues fall on the ground and transformed into his angel form. 'Should have thought of the magnetic thing holding them up.' He sighed and grabbed the statues. 'Now to get away.'

He looked around and knew he could go back the way he came in, but it was too risky, every five minutes the lasers change, so maybe he could be caught. Before he could decide there was a loud explosion, which took half room away. 'Is this my lucky day or what?' he grinned at himself as his wing spread open and he flew out the burning hole.


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