Light the match, burn the metal

Tearful eyes stare up and away

The endless sky isn't weeping

Just as empty n' dry, let me cry

Enjoying the insane pain I press

Harder, I press the metal to me

God please, someone out there

Save me before it burns further

Laughter at this fleeting thought

The blade has grown cold again

Light the match, burn the metal

I'm not strong I told you I wasn't

Lucky you the blade is dull and cold

I would have cut me deep from this all

From the shadows I call out loudly

End the pain, please just let it stop

I don't care how just end it so

Burn the metal with flames

Calling out, reaching out

I fall into the blackness

This is my ebon dawn

I'll even cry blood

Any type of tears

I fall to the sky

Tainted wings

Cannot fly