I let you know

That we were done

In a way

That was so wrong

You were alone

I wasn't there

You had no one

No one to care

But deep inside

I loved you still

I don't know why

I'll wait until-

It was too late

I should have known

Shouldn't have left you

On your own

But I was scared

And so confused

I was so lost

I felt so used

I was at home

I got the call

Was not prepared

Wasn't at all

It wasn't true

It could not be

How could you do

What you did to me?

I saw the news

I saw the wreck

I saw your face

I took it all back

Tried to stay calm

Tried not to cry

But all I did

Was look to the sky

For some answer

For some relief

For something that

I could believe

But nothing was

Enough for me

There was no way

That I could breath

I caught my breath

Got on my knees

I held my head

I begged you, please

I saw you in

My restless dreams

You saw my tears

You heard my screams

You let me know

Your love was strong

I can't let go

I can't hold on

I let you go

What have I done?

You left this world

Left me alone

You broke my heart

Abandoned soul

It's not your fault:

I let you go

You were alone

I left you there

This is something

I cannot bear

You gave yourself

To the night

I will join you

I'll take my life

I see you on

The bed so still

I guess I'll wait

I'll wait until…