The Real Me

No one knows the real me
No one knows my name
Maybe they will say they do
But what they think is never true
I'm waiting for the day when love will stare me in the face
And wondering if when it does I'll know its true
I'm looking for someone to wipe away the tears I cry
And wondering if wondering will more than get me by
I've held my peace for now
I've stuffed it down inside
I've tried forgetting what you've done
Adding one more thing to hide
So long ago I felt that you would never let me go
So long to all the hopes and dreams that I will never know
There might be something better, something that I just don't see
But the longer I wait for you to change, the more angry I become
It seemed as though you had me
When you said you loved me
But I know better than that now
I'm stronger than before