Wait For Tomorrow

Huddled in the corner where you left me
The tears have dried, but the wounds not healed
I know the words, but my lips are sealed
Ignored to the point of withdrawal
Hated and let go to die
Hoping that life isn't over
That there's more for me than what you could have given
No way I'm going to let my feelings show themselves
One day I'll wake from this nightmare
Why even pretend to care?
I know who I am - you've put me in my place
You've showed me where I belong and I've gotten used to this cage
I've held it all inside and its become nothing but rage
You read my heart like its a book, it's time to turn the page
Yesterday you drove me out as if to say that we were threw
Today you threw my pride down like it belonged to you
But tomorrow, God I swear that I'll be stronger than you knew
But tomorrow seems so far away - guess I'll have to wait 'till then
So for now while I am waiting I'll just hold it down within
And hide back in this corner hoping that you'll come around again