A/N: This was written in response to a challenge by sheer lunacy, who gave
me the first line. And I think that she adapted it from the film Fight
Club, but that's beside the point. I hadn't seen the film when I wrote the
Both the narrator and the 'you' mentioned in the poem are specific people,
and neither of them are me. They're actually both fictional characters in
the novel I'm writing, but you don't need to know any more (or even really
that, come to think of it) to make sense of this.

Have you never wanted to destroy something beautiful?
Never wanted to tear through layers of skin and blood
To see if the beauty is only skin deep?
Have you never felt like you are beating your head
Against that metaphorical brick wall
So hard that your brains are starting to stain the bricks?
Have you never wanted to scream and scream
and scream and scream and scream and SCREAM
In the hope that someone is listening -
Only to hold yourself back in the knowledge that
Even if they are listening, they will not hear?
Have you never wanted to stop thinking?
Never wanted to stop caring?
To hide away in a corner of your mind
Where none of this is real
And none of it matters?
Have you never wanted to touch the stars
Even though you know they will burn?
To plunge your hand into the fire
Just to prove that you can?
To step off the cliff-face - carefree
In the hope that you will never hit the bottom?
Have you never wanted to give in completely
To the part of you that is prepared to do this?
Never wanted to give anger and hatred their way?
To hurt without remorse and bleed without regret?
Have you never wanted?

Turn away if you like
Close your eyes and bow your head
If you cannot bear to look at me
As I make you see the truth
And you realise that it is a lie
When you tell me you do not understand