The Comic Adventure-Like Things of The Spinner Family

/Authors Notes:This started out as a comic book called GeNeRaL DiZzYnEsS I was doing, thought you ought to know./

The Story So Far...

A young 17-year-old Amy Spinoza fell in love with the slightly less young Richard Maurice Spinner, an Indiana-Jones wannabe, and ended up getting pregnant with Johnathon Spinner. They were forced to be married (Amy and Richard, that is, not Amy and Johnathon), but it didn't work out. They divorced just as there second child, Esti, turned 5 years old, and Richard ran off to go exploring in Asia. Amy was forced to take a different job with more pay, but also more hours and the Boss-From-Hell, Mister Cornucopia, in order to support the children, although Richard was a useless prick anyway. John, now 17, won a scholarship to Sir Snoaty's School For Incredibly Talented Children, although Esti, now 13 and in 7th grade, goes to a regular public school.


Amy Rachel Spinoza: Black hair always in a pony-tail, black eyes, wishes the best for her kids and is sorry she got John so young.

Esti Marvin Spinner: Keeping her father's last name, unlike her mother, Esti has dishwasher blonde hair reaching to her shoulder, black eyes, and is always wearing a visor and a tanktop that has some sort of image on it.

John Jacob Dinglemeigher Shmidt Spinner:Smart, wants to be an average teen, really likes going on the internet. Brown hair, black eyes, usually wearing his Sir Snoaty uniform of a grey vest, white shirt, red-and-green plaid tie (occaisonaly a red-and-green plaid sweater as well), and brown slacks.

Charlotte Brunt:John's girlfriend. She has wavy blonde hair falling to her waist, and blue eyes. Pretty-easy going.

Lidia Milano:A cheerleader at Esti's school. GOOOOOO TELEPATHIC TIGERS!

Mimi Rogers:Esti's very hyper-active best friend.

Please note more character will appear from time to time.

Act I

Scene One:Insulting family members.

Setting:Esti-wearing a Giants Visor and a smily face on her tank top-and Amy are sitting in the kitchen. Amy is chopping up vegetables for dinner and Esti is doing homework.

John:*walks down the stairs, into the kitchen, all dressed up*

Amy:What? Tucked in Tuxedo T-shirt, brown pants, could it be-

John:*smugly* Yep! I'm on a date!

Esti:With a GIRL?

Amy:She's human, right? Not one of your web buddies?

John:-.- She's Charlotte Brunt, Mom.

Scene Two:It seems that John does not usually have much of a good deal with girls.

Setting:Same as above.

Amy:Hmmm, Charlotte, eh? Who's this Charlotte?

John:This girl at my school. She's cool.

Esti:How much did you pay her?

John:*exclamation point appears over his head* I did not!

Amy:Of course he didn't, Esti! John isn't some sort of date pimp.

Esti:Well, duh, then the girl pays HIM, and-

Amy:He obviously just did her a favor.

John:T.T Well, I'm going to wait outside until she gets here. Only a few hours.

Amy:The date?

John:No, waiting outside, I have to pick her up at 7 and it's only 5...

Scene Three:A wee bit desperate, eh Johhny boy?

Setting:Outside the house. John is waiting on the steps.

John:Well, 6:30

Amy:*calling* BE BACK BY 10!


*Amy and Esti storm angrily out of the house*

Scene Four:Stake-out of date?

Setting:*all are out on the lawn*

Amy:John, you have to let us meet your date! Or we're not letting you out.

John:Fine, fine, I'll bring her over on the way to the movies.

Amy:*her face magically turns into a big yellow smily face* Yay! Anyway, we must prepare. Esti?

Esti:Got the supplies right here. *drags a big bag of stuff from the bushes*

John:*nervously* You're not planning on coming with, are you?

Esti:*laughing* of course not silly! This is only for meeting her. The stuff for when we come is in the garage, couldn't fit behind the bushes.

Scene Five:Check, check, check.

Setting:Same as above.



Amy:Magnifying glass?



John:*! appears over his head* Probe?! Dude, all you guys are doing is meeting my date!

Amy:Yes, well, as your parent-

Esti:And meddling younger sister, don't forget. As both, it is our duty to embarrass you as much as possible.

Amy:NO, Esti, it's to make sure he isn't, you know, tkae advantage of or something.

John:*suddenly looking like a proffesor* No, no, dear mother, that it only for girls, men, on the other hand, are to be ushered out of the house with a pat on the back, with everyone turning a blind eye to the nude picture of my date and pack of ciggarettes that fall out of my pocket and I hastily put back again.

Amy:That's your father's job, dear son, and yours isn't here.

John:You know what, I'm going to be late...

Scene Six:FREEDOM!

Setting:John is driving in the car with Charlotte.

John:I like your dress...

Charlotte:Thanks. Um, isn't the movies that way?

John:We have to stop by my house first, meet the family.

Charlotte:How much did they pay you for that?

John:We're having money troubles so all they can afford is to black-mail me.

Scene Seven:Shocked silence...

Setting:They are driving towards the movie theatre, after John has introduced Charlotte to his family.



John:Sorry about how my family was when they met you...

Charlotte:It's ok.

John:Oh, good. *uncomfortable silence*

Charlotte:Probe was sort of cold though.

John:Yeah, I hate it when that happens.

Scene Eight:At the movies.

Setting:A chick-flick is playing at the drive-in.



John:Uh, can, you know...maybe...kiss y-

Charlotte:No. Should have done it before, at the poetry reading part.

John:But everbody was doing that then. I wanted it to be...special.

Actress On The Screen:*looking suspiciously like somebody from Gone With The Wind* Oh, David, it's so beautiful!

David:Well, darling, I wanted our night to be special.

Charlotte:OK, NOW you can kiss me.

Scene Nine:Insert Title Here

Setting:John and Charlotte are driving home.

John:Well, that was an interesting movie. I especially liked the part where they went to the dinner party.

Charlotte:They didn't go to a dinner party.

John:Oh, well, I liked the part where-

Charlotte:You didn't really pay attention, did you?

John:No,I'm sorry.

Charlotte:Thank god, I saw you staring at the screen and thought,'This guy must be gay or really uninterested in me if he prefers to watch the movie.'

John:Did I need to know that?



*long, akward pause*

John:Can we make out again?

Charlotte:*smiling smugly* Wait till the red light, John. Safety first.

To Be Continued...