The Comic Adventure-Like Things of The Spinner Family

/Authors Notes:This'll come out once a month or so, with a new "scene" for every month, like an real comic./

Act II

Scene One:The first of October

Setting:Esti-wearing a plain visor and smily-face tank top-is talking to Mimi.

Esti:What are you going to do for Halloween, Mimi?

Mimi:I'll be going as a gypsy, with a hand made costume of 40% cotton 37% systhetic cloth 3% wool and 20% other, dyed with all 100% of the colors of the rainbow, with such accesories as 3 multi-colored bangles and 24.2 random shaky things, as well as some other accesories for my head to be determined at a later time. My family will be holding a festival the week of October 31st starting at 3:05 pm, and I on All-Hallows-Eve I will depart at promtly 6:00 pm with a XL sized candy bag, going from Princeton Street to Alabama Avenue and checking back at my home when my bag is full to get a new one.

Esti:God, that all? Mimi, Halloween is only 30 days away! You've got to prepare!

Scene Two:6th Sense rip-off.

Setting:Esti is at school. Lidia runs up to her.

Lidia:Like, omigod! Peter is like, totally freaking out! Come look! *they run to the gym, where a boy is crying*

Esti:Peter, what's wrong?

Peter:Halloween is coming...I see dead cavities...

Mimi:Poor boy, his parents are dentists.

Scene Two:Lots and lots of money.

Esti:*soothing Peter* Now, now, don't worry. I know you are a dentists son, and though thought of all that sugar on Halloween is scary-

Peter:Don't say the S word! *rocking back and forth* Think of flossing, think of flossing...

Esti:*standing up* I've done all I can.

Scene Three:Proffesional Help

Lidia:Like, don't worry Peter! I know your parents are like, dentists and cavities are like, scary.

Peter:I remember the last Halloween...all that candy...the plaque on one fat kid's teeth gave me nightmares for weeks.

Lidia:But you've got to think of the like money you'll be getting from those like patients! Think braces!

Scene Four:Weirdo parents.

Setting:At Peter's house

Dad:Peter, come here.

Mom:*holding up a book called Flouride for The Dentist's Soul* Honey, we know you're scared of Hallowe'en coming, with those *shudder* cavities and all...

Scene Five:Wow, they make those books for everyone.

Setting:*Mimi and Esti are at Hallmarks*

Mimi:Wow, they do make a card for everything! Dear Person:Why the heck do I have to write this stupid thank you note for you? The sweater you gave me sucked!

Esti:They also have t-shirt you gave me sucked, box of tissues you gave me sucked...

Scene Six:Hallowe'en

Setting:*Esti is trick-or-treating with Mimi*

Kid in a ghost costume:Lady, aren't you too old to go trick-or-treating?

Mimi:Don't kid us, Peter! We know you just want all the candy for yourself!

Peter:Damn, foiled again!