The Best Poetry


It's open mike night

At the coffee house

A chance for the dregs of the universe

To explain exactly what makes them dregs.

A man gets up there

And pours out his soul

A lone singer at a rock concert

His musical ensemble, the clock and the scraping of chairs.

You could be at home reading Robert Frost

Or poring over Poe or Shakespeare

But instead you're waiting all alone in here

Nothing but caffeine keeping you alive.

Some woman in a halter top leaps on stage

To recite an acrostic about her wild night life

Out of tired eyes you glare at her

A look that clearly says, "get off the stage, Courtney Love."

But something's going to happen tonight

At The World's Most Miserable Rock Concert

The main attraction that no one notices

Is finishing up his latte.

Sure enough, he climbs onstage.

As nervous and shaky as ever

He pauses to collect himself between stanzas

Heart pounding wildly in his chest- drum solo.

But this is it, you've found it

In this beat up coffe house

It can't be found in books or music

Or radio, or magazines, or plays.

When you're the first person to hear his words spoken

And, you can tell by the looks on the other's faces,

The only one who thought they were good-

This is the best poetry.