I was in a conceited mode and really angry at the moment I wrote this but
my friend said it was good and I wanted to ask you all if you agreed

There was something peculiar about her
She seemed to be what every one else should be
She was so in touch with her emotions, body, mind, and soul She didn't
drown out the voice of her conscience but listened to it
She always went with the flow, never rushed, and always stopped to smell
the flowers
She is an Aquarius and Aquarius were water bearers
Maybe that's why she was so calm but at once she could force a rage that no
one has ever seen before
She was down to earth, humble, and wise for a 14 year old You can see all
that with one glance at her picture perfect face
Her large seducing pale blue eyes
Her luscious blood red lips
Her fair, smooth, no blemish skin
Also her chestnut brown shoulder length hair whipping against her face
He could not help but stare at her
And finally she noticed him back
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