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*2011 A.D.*

Out in the enchanted forest, a fox was being chased by hunters. It is said that this fox is actually a demon with an enormous strength, but why did it not fight? The fox, also known as, "The Silver Kitsune Of Death," truly was a shimmering silver, and the tip of its tail, ears, and paws were black.

The fox-demon, was actually half God, but many believe it is only demon. A legend tells of anyone who has asked forgiveness for ravaging the forest, was devoured by the Demonic-God. He did not only kill, but healed as well. All the people that came to him were rotten hearted and were not able to change their ways.

The Silver Kitsune's fur was worth a fortune, and it is said that the coat of that fox could make you immortal. And so the story begins.

The fox was fast, but the hunters drew closer and closer on their highly motorized air jet bikes. As soon as the hunters were close enough, they fired. Seven times they shot and missed, but on the eighth shot, on e of the hunters aimed at one spot, following the movements of the fox. BANG! The gun fired. The bullet planted itself into the fox's chest.

"We got'em!" The hunter that shot the fox cheered.

"Uhh…wait Joel, the fox…it got up and just…vanished!" The other hunter said in a scared tone.

"Wha…where'd he go?" Joel spoke in a crackly voice.

The other hunter, Andy, sat there trying to listen for the fox. "I don't know, but I don't like this."

"How could he just vanish, Andy!?" Joel asked scared out of his mind.

Andy's eyes shot open, and he gasped. Joel looked over to see the horror of what had just happened. He was shocked. "Andy…ANDY!" he was almost in tears as he ran to his friend that had fallen to the ground, off of his bike. "Andy…what happened?"

Andy's shirt was drenched in blood, the thick crimson liquid stained the ground as he gasped for air. Joel tried to stop the bleeding from the large hole in Andy's chest. "Jo…Joel, p-please…..just get…get out, of the…for…the forest." Andy had trouble speaking, for there was a hole in his chest.

"I can't…I can't leave you here Andy!" Joel was crying softly, but inside he was crying very hard.

Hesitantly Andy spoke. "P-please Joel…just…leave me…leave me here and…and save…yourself.….but be…beware of the…of the fo…" Andy had used his last words to worn Joel but was unsuccessful.

"Andy…Andy! ….NOOO! Andy you cant leave me!" Joel cried with anger, hatred, and fear raging inside of him. "DAMN YOU FOX! I swear I'll get my revenge and send you to HELL! His voice echoed through the forest as he left on his jet-bike.

Andy, who was left there (due to tradition), was devoured that night. In the morning, the town's people placed a cross and flowers where he laid at his moment of death, and devouring.

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"Don't you think this is weird?"


"The fox, he just follows us everywhere, I mean…why does he follow us?

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