Hiya! It's me, Snki with a poem for you! YAY! Oh…and just to warn you I don't normally write poems so it might be a little scary…Anywho, I just wrote this in science while the rest of the students in my class were watching a video on the Ebola virus that spread around in Africa…Well, I'll let you read the spooky, scary poem now!

Reality sucks,

Yes, I said you suck.

All you do is hold me down,

To the ground I'm stuck.

Why don't you just release me,

So that to the sky I can fly.

When I fly, my heart is one,

One with the spirits,

One with the earth.

Oh, please let me be one.

The only way to be released,

Is to die.

Death is not the answer,

Nor is it not the answer.

Do not threat yourself with death,

For if you do…he wins.

Reality you suck.

You threaten us with death,

Just to be released.

But I, I will fight you,

Fighting this cruel game.

Fighting you.

You suck, Reality!

See I told you it was weird! Well, it was just a bored poem I wrote in science while watching an Ebola video…what more can you expect!? Well, I guess if you want you can review and tell me how lame it was but you know, if you actually liked it then just e-mail me or review something. Well, I'll get back to my stories, which are a lot better than this peace of garbage! C YA!