why? i scream as i plunge down an extraordinarily deep and dark well…

the water at the bottom is hours away…

for here is a place where distance is lost,

and the counting of beats of your heart

are gone as well.

i refuse to ever acknowledge that i had a heart;

what is one? please explain.

never have my eyes strained so desperately to find a bottom to this


wind rustles as i shoot beyond it

into something deeper

i fall. not only is distance gone, but time has flown away as well.





is what i used to call


i am falling again

my heart has stopped for all eternity.

eternity? what is that?

i used to know, used to know,

but it is not important.

will we be together at the end of my fall

thought time and space?

i did this for you, beloved, that you might catch me and i might be caught…