~* Paradise Transformed *~

I look at my garden, so fresh and so green
Where once only thistles and weeds had I seen
And tall blades of grass, like soldiers so grim
Who cast eerie shadows when the sunlight grew dim.

Once 'twas a jungle where danger did roam
An impenetrable forest that snakes called their home
And deep in its midst, my hovel of blue
Stood petrified and silent, and lonelier it grew.

At night, no glad voices nor laughter were heard
No puppy yapped gaily, no meek kitten purred
But only the crickets, with their chorus of chirps
And bullfrogs who uttered deep languorous burps.

No roses did bloom here, nor tulips so gay
No flowers to gladden the heart of a Fae
Yet life, though a different kind from what we all know
Did silently bustle here where the dandelions grow.

Now no longer is my garden, a jungle so wild
But a cool, pretty haven with breezes so mild
Although I'm glad the snakes will never come back here to nest
I do miss that untam├ęd passion of my garden at rest
And think at times of the dragonflies at play
Amidst the tall grass soldiers, on a bright summer's day.