The Power Of The Elementals

Chap1: Beginnings of New Adventures.

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T'was a lovely day in the land of Wildworld, that of the Elementals, which connects to the Stillland, the land of the Humans, which in turn connects to the Plains of Avataria, the home of all other life. Our story, for now, will take place in the Wildworld, so you can momentarily forget the other two.

Mazeki was a normal human child, about the age of 16. He was a careless boy who never seemed to listen, or care. Against the rule of his parents, Mazeki traveled nearly every day to the border of the Wildworld, every day journeying just a little bit further, with his companion, and friend, Chihaki, a tiny, under-evolved Earth Elemental.

Mazeki was a broad shouldered boy whose tunic never seemed to fit, whose leather shoes seemed always too small. His tribe blamed it on the Elemental, who they said was cursed. Mazeki didn't really care. They were friends. Mazeki was now leaving for his walk to the Wildworld, where he planned to travel today to the land of the Elementals of the Lake, the Water Elementals.

As Mazeki reached the border of the town, a few young children, about his age, threw a few rocks at Chihaki, who, in turn, lashed out at the boys, frightening them away. Mazeki laughed, and Chihaki made a noise that the young boy knew to be a squeal of victory.

Mazeki and his companion set off at a slow pace, and quickly became bored of walking. He burst off into a run. His waist length, tied blonde hair flowing behind him majestically. After a short while of running, the tie on his hair snapped, allowing his hair to burst out everywhere. He gave it notice, since he enjoyed letting it out, which was forbidden of him in the village.


After a good deal of running, Mazeki reached the border, which was guarded by a small symbol of each elemental. A few giant trees from the Earth, A stream flowing from the Water, a small wall of magma from the Fire, a contained gust of wind, from the Air, and a few others, such as a small pool of acid, light and dark intertwining and fighting, and lighting roaring harmlessly from the sky.

Mazeki knew that they were all harmless, just showing that the Elementals territory began there. He walked through the forest, which Chihaki enjoyed immensely, and then emerged on the other side, and walked calmly for a while. After a few hours, Chihaki was perched perilously on Mazeki's shoulder, sleeping. Mazeki was still walking, with the lakes and streams of the Water Elementals in his sight. Mazeki, getting anxious, broke to a sprint in order to reach the soothing waters quicker.

As soon as Mazeki reached his destination, he awakened Chihaki. Finally, he spoke, softly, and raspily, "Chihaki, we have reached the Water Territory. Jump off my shoulder. I am taking a dive." Chihaki did so, and went to search the area with great interest, thoughts of what would be here filled his mind.

Meanwhile, Mazeki unlaced his tunic, threw it to the ground, and massaged his shoulders, which ached from the long journey. He looked at himself, smiled as he saw a person, or, an Elemental, he wasn't sure which, in the water a few streams away. Mazeki was built quite well from all the training he did in his village. He wanted to be a warrior, which he knew would never happen anyway, because of the supposed "curse." He however did not let that bother him, and he trained even more vigorously because of it. Mazeki's muscles tensed as he dived into the chilled water. He came up after a short swim, and took a breath of air. His chest nearly shone with the brilliance of the sun because of the water which oddly stayed on the spot it was on when he came to the surface.

A merman creature flipped out of the water over Mazeki, then splashed back in the water behind him. The Water elemental laughed and said, with a voice almost like liquid, except that it was a bass voice said "Your swimming is impressive, but not nearly as good as mine. I am Salilis." "I am Mazeki. It is nice to meet you" Salilis only laughed, then haughtily replied "Yes, it is. Now that introductions are over, I must inform you that you are violating the laws of our nature. You are an outsider, and you must never set foot in our waters. I will take you to our Elder, who will decide what to do with you."

Mazeki's mouth dropped open in disbelief. All he could manage to say was "Ughh…Ummm…What?" Salilis again laughed, and said "Come. Dive under and follow me." He swam down, and Mazeki obediently followed.

When they next emerged on the surface, they were in a whole new section of the stream area. Salilis stepped on land, and as he did so, his fin was replaced by human legs. Mazeki's jaw dropped again, and began to wonder why he came here today. He quietly followed the Merman to a small hut, which they both entered. What he saw next amazed him. In the hut, sitting on a throne of pure water, was the most beautiful, stunning woman he had ever seen, and she was wearing only a tunic that passed her knees.

Mazeki, being at the age where he was most curious about things began to stare and wonder what she looked like without the tunic. He shook his head to get it out of his mind, since he knew that this must be the elder. He stood himself up straight and tried to look as regal and important as possible.

The Elder spoke with great beauty obvious in her voice. "Young Human, why do you bother us?" Salilis spoke in Mazeki's place. "Lady Elder, he was swimming in our lakes. I knew to bring him here for your judgment." The Elder stared intently into Mazeki's eyes. "Your soul seems pure enough, but this is a serious matter. My mind is decided as to your punishment. We shall not harm you, but place upon you the curse of the Water Tribe. When you are emerged in fresh water, your body shall burn as though the water were fire. Now, leave. Please don't bother us. We wish not to be in the presence of one with two Elemental curses already.

Mazeki stared in utter disbelief. His mind was blazing, though he did manage to calm himself and think of the important matter at hand. 'Two curses? What does she mean? The curse that the villagers speak of is not real, and I do not live in an elemental village, nor have I ever encountered Elementals before, besides Chihaki, but he wouldn't curse me. What could she mean?'

Mazeki was rushed outside, and walked to the northern edge of the village, where he encountered Chihaki. Chihaki ran up to Mazeki's shoulder and sat there. They exited the village and walked on, as Mazeki told the tiny Earth Elemental of what had recently come to pass.