Still Laughing?

First Verse:

It's a cold, chilly autumn morning

She shivers from many things

And notices two figures waiting for her,

And she wishes she has wings

I, myself, the bystander,

See her walk bravely on

Towards the people who torment her

And the reason I wrote this song

The two boys down at the end of the street

Waiting for her to reach her goal

So they could jeer and laugh at her

Snatch her spirit, her very soul

They gave no regard for her feelings

She took the blows, not knowing quite why

Then a tear dripped slowly down her cheek

Like a raindrop from the sky


Every day, every day

Didn't know what it could do

Laughing away, laughing away,

Wouldn't have done it if you knew


My, my, you made her cry

Didn't hurt you, no, no, no,

Wondering why no friends are close by?

Are you still laughing now? Oooooh…

Second Verse:

She walks slowly through the halls

Hugging her books so tight

Kids tripping her, excluding her

Will no one do what's right?

She eats her lunch, bit by bit

Picking here and there

What good would it be, to eat her food

When God doesn't answer her prayer…


Every day, every day

Didn't know what it could do

Like a stray, she couldn't stay,

Wouldn't have done it if you knew


Why didn't you let her belong,

Wouldn't let her, no, no, no,

Ever really wonder how she got along,

Are you still laughing now? Oooooh…

Third Verse:

She walks with a weight

Bearing down on her back

Of unhappiness, smothering,

How'd her life get out of wack?

She walks over to her kitchen

Slowly she picks up the knife

And swiftly plunged it into her heart

And she snuffed out her life…


There is no way to repay

Didn't know what you had done

Killing her slowly, day by day

Couldn't have stopped it, it had already begun


Now she's gone, she's passed on

All because of you, Oooooh,

Ever stop to think that it's wrong?

Are you still laughing now? Nooooo…

Ending Verse:

Are you going to pay your repects

Her funeral's Sunday at ten

Oh, of course, I forgot I should have known

You don't care, you never did then.