There she lies
Next to me
Yet still she whispers
Promises, promises

No one cares
Nobody notices
Non but me
They are silent
But she is not
A raspy voice calls out
Promises, promises

Her eyes glazed
And fixed on me
Like glue
Empty in their gaze
Soulless, hollow
Again the words flow
Promises, promises

I cannot shout
Or cry
Or shut her up
I am mute
All I can do is listen
Promises, promises.

Finally I wake
She is gone
Returned to the earth
Banished to memory
Yet the feelings still linger
In the pit of my stomach.
And still she whispers
Promises, promises

Well there's my attempt at writing a poem about a really disturbing dream I
had, if anyone wants to attempt to analyse it feel free, I for one am
baffled. I just hope it doesn't have some form of prophetic meaning like
some of my dreams are.
Chris. A.k.a willowzbitch