A/N: Hmm, well I pretty much covered everything in the description, but if you didn't read it this is an anti-drug, anti-war, anti-suicide, anti-abortion, and anti-society poem written by me, Jack.. And like I said in the description, I have nothing against the soldiers that are so bravely defending our country. I just don't like war in general. Anyway, please R+R.


Another day
Another death
Your belongings gone
The common theft

The black crescent shines
Upon your face
Your soul is gone
Without a trace

A bullet flies
A knife is drawn
Don't care for life
You live, a flaw

Your fellow piers
All making fun
With a gun

A mother takes
The future of her children
It'll all work out
A cold illusion

You feel the pressure
From the rest
Escape your life
Until your death

An explosive death
Destroys your mind
Toppling empires
Killing our own kind

The gift of life
Becomes a chore
The end is near
Your soul no more

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