To Break Free

The sweet smell of pine
The touch of moss underfoot
The cold night's caress
This is what life is about

The shadow of the winged hunter
Peering overhead
She could see his soft outline
Against the goddess's full lamp

The song of the night
The sweet melody
Of the pack's hunting call
It is her tune to dance to

She sees her family fall
She hears their moans
Then the sweet sound
Of the yelps fill the night

One looks back and seems
To wonder
Why do you not join us?
Why do you not embrace it?

She smiles
And her face breaks
As she embraces the night
As she let's her skin roll

It bursts from her like a wave
Starting at her head
And ending at her long tail
And her sweet howl fills the night air

She is free
As she flies with the pack
To run down the deer
To sing the nights melody

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