We are outcasts,

It is fun

Being outcasts is number 1

We don't follow a path,

We make our own

But sometimes we may feel alone,

People talk about us behind our backs,

But that's okay-they can kiss our ass

We are outcasts

It is fun,

It's better than being the other ones:

There's Goths, who act depressed all the time

And sit around, just waiting to die,

There's preps, who are way too perky

They are thinner than beef jerky,

There are those nerds, that need some sun,

They don't understand the meaning of fun,

But where do we fit, in this puzzle?

We need a place in all this bustle,

After many years, there's still no name

For those who don't fit in this game,

So we are outcasts,

It is fun,

Being an outcast is number 1.