My heavy limbs are filled with sand
My aching body does demand
"Deliver me at last to stand
Before the gates of la-la-land!"

I tuck myself beneath the sheet
And pray for sleep both quick and sweet
But last nights problems just repeat
Insomnia I just can't beat

Eyeballs roll and blankets twist
For me relief does not exist
The sleepy train again I've missed
I'm starting to get really pissed

In weakend state I start to plot
It's clear the Sandman must be shot!
For who should sleep while I cannot?
In sleepless graves we all shall rot!

In dead of night I get my gun
And pretty soon I hear someone
Quickly down the hall I run
And shoot a bullet through my son

I envy not my son, though he
Now peaceful sleeps eternally
For now thanks to my killing spree
I aswell am set quite free

'Cause I in sleepless state did kill
I'm locked up in the hospital
Where doctors do dispence goodwill
And cure my woes with a small white pill