I tried religion,
Found it didn't taste to nice
Maybe I should just make a new recipe
When no one's looking
I tried on the norm
But it didn't fit me right
And I lost it anyway so who the hell cares
And you never even see the hunger in my eyes
As I look around
Searching desperately for something I won't find
I ran away from the demons that were hunting for my soul
And you haven't caught up with me yet
And some how I don't think you ever will
The trees have budded kinda late this year,
And the winter's been so long,
I'm not sure if even remember,
What the leaves look like.
Except for this one memory that just won't go away
Sitting at my desk,
Listening to the radio,
Anything to distract me,
From my task.
What is it?
I don't know,
I don't want to,
Do I?