Phoenix Mourning

Phoenix mourning in the sky
I saw it this morning
Fiery beauty doused by grief
Bright colours running
Bled out by the rain
Beneath her, her children crying
Turn slowly to ashes
Their silent unmarked graves forgotten
Traded for smoke and steel and blood
People walk by with their heads turned down
Not looking, pretending not to notice, the trouble
Dancing blithely in front of their faces
While a black dappled ghost weaves through the trees
Its shelter burning
With Dona Nobis Pacem written in blood outside the door
Watching passers by call for others to help
Ignoring it themselves and walking on
Home, to their families pretending
That nothing is wrong
Hiding in their iron walled
Bubble of harmless existence
Ignoring the chaos
Pretending it will leave
If they close their eyes
The phoenix cries her tears falling
On the heads of the people below her
Mingling with the rain in their hair
But still her anguished crying rises unnoticed
With the smoke in the air
Phoenix mourning in the sky
I saw it this morning