Unwanted Path

When will they see,
The path they want,
Is never ment for me,

I don't want to be,
What they say,
I want to be,
Me in my own way,

I want to run away,
But I know I can't,
I'm to scared to try,

When will I be strong?
When will I be brave?
When can I do things,
In my own little way?

The answers to theese questions,
Lie deep within my past,
Too bad I don't have time,
To take one quick glance,

I wish I could tell someone,
All the pain that I hide,
Buried under a mask,
That was ripped away of pride,

I'm too weak,
I know I can't succeed,
I'm just waiting,
To just die just like a weed,

I'll never be strong,
I'll never be brave,
All theese sad feelings,
Are burried in a gave,

Sometimes I want to cry,
But I'm to scared to try,
Sometimes I want to run,
But I'd spoil everyone's fun,

One day I'll show them all,
That I can do something better,
Than kick a stupid ball,

One day I'll find someone,
Who knows how I feel,
And we'll get through this,
It's one thing I can tell is real...

DW: Hoy! I can't beleive I wrote that!
DA: I can.
DW: How?
DA: Think.
DW: *thinks* Aha! *lightbulb appears* I dunno! *lightbulb breaks*
DA: -;; R/R while DW get glass out of her hair...