You talk like he meant nothing to you at all

I know it's just that I'm not ready to let go

It throws a wrench at my heart when you talk

Knowing that mine and his parting hasn't come

The emptiness surrounding this person leaving

I don't know if I'll ever be able to let go

But can you have some fucking consideration

Cause I'll never have such a standard love

I can look back on the memories all I want

I can imagine him in the teddy bear I have

He came to find a soft spot in our hearts

And he came to hold us all close together

Everytime we see each other there's him

Damn you for leaving me to deal alone

What else is there to talk about now

Damn you for leaving me at all

Damn me for hating you at all

Damn them for such reminders

But such harsh words leave

I love you so much dad

But damnit why'd you

Why'd you have to

Have to leave me

At such a time

A volnerable

And hurt



Just too

Late to take

take anything back

The words have been said

The scars have been made deep

It comes down to the fact that you're

The simple damned fact that you're gone

And that I need to let you go and move on

Letting go hurts and holding on hurts less

That's how it's been so far, I won't let go

I can't let go now and I don't think I will

But every time I say someone's name close to

To yours and the fact someone famouse holds it

They hold your beautiful name to music I hate

And others don't understand when I say your name

Tim McGraw is dead, not the country singer my dad

And on the day you died a girl called me a liar

On that day a thousand daggers went through me

I girl at age nine shouldn't have had to deal

But I five and a half years later need to face

Face the world, face my problems, face my daggers

I just want you to know a few simple things dad

But it's not going to happen I know this

So I will go on holding on and crying

So I will continue on living my life

Letting this wound bleed deeply

You're gone now and there's

Absolutely nothing I can

Do about it any time

Except wish you were

Here with me and cry