Kristi: Hey, Its just another day right? Yupp...Just another!

:::Just Another:::

Just another day of endless strife
No wonder I can't take this life.
Day after hour, Hour after day,
I cry deep inside
Till death do me away.

But no matter what
I cant stop the shakin',
can't stop my hearth from
achin' or breakin'!

You all say Im on thin Ice,
buts its just another day
in my pointless life.

So I'll put on a smile
One of millions Im fakin',
Tears held inside
realitys mine for the taking.

Just shine a little
no matter what I do,
I'll still hurt inside
still not good eough for you!

Can't sombody help me
and end this for good?!
Tell me I'm not crazy
just Misunderstood!

I cover my pain
a mask over my face,
Can't take it away
cause life so unsafe.

Hiding everything up
that Iv felt,
screaming inside
at the blows that've been delt.

You laugh along with me
the "Fake" little me,
But if you'de look closer
you will see the unseen.

I'm always so wronge
no matter what I feel,
Your laugh,..
Your smile,..
It all make my skin peel!

Strangly eough,
there are no hard feelings,
I wont yell,
I dont cry,
I CAN'T help what I'm feelin'

Shaking hands calmy
tightining on my gun,
Why Can't I do it!
Why Cant it be done?!