Kristi: Listen? Never date. You will just be cheated on!

:::Mary Jane:::

Somewhere over the rainbow
On the dark side of the moon,
My "boyfriend" is fucking Mary Jane
Wasted on pot and 'shrooms.

He still has feelings for her
And wishes she was by his side,
And yet, I don't hate him
But Mary Jane must die.

You tell me that she's pretty
You say that she's so hot,
I say you're full of shit
Or just fucked up on pot.

You used to call me beautiful
You used to say "I'm yours",
Then you went back to Mary Jane
And the other nasty whores.

So have your fun with your dirty sluts
Go away and don't come back,
Tell Mary Jane I said "Hi"
And, that I hope she has a heart attack!

I hope that now you're happy
And that you will never be in pain
I hold no bad thoughts against you,
But fuck you Mary Jane!