Kristi: Love is like a happy little elf thats dancing merrily around, when it suddenly turns on you with a miniture machine gun! It hurts!


You said that you were sorry
But your loving me was all in vain,
Thanks a lot for lying to me
And causing all this pain.

To me, you meant the world
Nothing more, and nothing less,
Once it was such a beautiful place
Where no lies were found to confess.

Then tonight you said you weren't ready
For a relationship like this,
Suddenly I felt my spirit drop
Into Hells dark abyss.

You said not to be stupid
And not to try anything dumb,
You tell me to put the knife down
But soon my end will come.

The pain will soon be all over
With nothing more for me to feel,
Emotional hurt killed by physical pain
The only thing that's real.

The knife is getting closer now
As you scream for me to quit,
You say it's not worth killing myself
Yet I feel like this is it.

The knife slowly sets its tip down
With one deep slash across my wrist,
It's time for me to bleed now
As the memories inside me twist.

Memories of deception and trickery
All the trust buried in subconscious fear,
All the bullshit you've given me
Which you whispered sweetly in my ear.

The pain and blood quickly drown my mind
It's already done, there's no turning back,
It's to late to say you're sorry
Cause my hearts already black.

So, next time you tell someone you love them
You'd better make sure it's true
None of this would have ever happened
If I hadn't said "I love you too."