Sleepless Tuesday Morning

I'm sleepless this Tuesday morning,
My head's not screwed on straight.
Since Monday I've had this longing,
That kept me up this late.
I toss and turn in bed,
Trying to put it off till tomorrow,
But as many have rightly said,
If there's something that can't be shed
It's the desires of the soul.
This yearning has not faded,
It's left me somewhat jaded,
There's this yearning in my soul,
That's underrated.
It plays a bigger role.
My head sifts through my conscience,
To find what troubles me so,
It takes many moments of silence,
And streams of emotional cadence,
Unending until I know.
Why I'm still sleepless.
Suddenly visions filled my mind,
Of a picture of serenity.
Colours unconfined,
To laws of reality.
In abundance I found beauty,
Beauty of every kind.
And among this beauty, I was soon to find,
A figurine, a woman, among endless harmony,
Grace, joy and righteousness entwined.
To form a woman, so refined.
Oh, there is none other as she!
Then this woman, turned to look at me,
Gave me a smile that banished all worry,
Her eyes sparkled, and in it a fire burned,
The fire of the forge that bound her and me,
In a love that could only be heavenly.
Soon, in one sweeping move, she beckoned,
Entranced we wasted not a second,
Apart we were and now were one,
The love we shared had soon begun.
Then I awoke, to my despair,
The alarm hastening me out of bed,
It was a mere dream, I won't forget,
And I hope it's true that love we'll share.
HuangYK©2003 All Rights Reserved.