The innocent doe
Beneath the shadows of obscurity,
One gloomy night of rain.
Cars dash puddles, confirming flippancy,
Oh, what a night to bequeath pain!
I slipped and fell on the pavement,
Now utterly and purely drenched,
When I looked up, pure amazement,
Made me grimace, teeth clenched.
I saw a light shine down,
To reveal an urbane knight.
Surely, I thought, of high renown,
Of gallantry and might.
Yet downcast was his eyes,
Despite his bright suaveness,
As if an angel had met Demise,
The kindred of the dreamless.
His pleading eyes left the floor,
And gazed at a tender doe.
An innocent heart, so taintless,
A kindled spirit it did endow.
And upon this scene another came,
An ironclad beast of horrific taint,
It inveigled the doe with empty claim,
I thought, this doe would see the feint.
Yet the foolish doe, attracted so,
Allowed the taint to stain its cloak.
Unbeknownst of all the woe,
It's binding would evoke.
The knight was now undecided,
Tears streaked his handsome face,
The doe under his care, now tainted,
Might never again, raise.
I awoke a little later,
Outstretched upon a park.
Why would a flower turn a traitor?
Why would she prefer the dark?
Huang Yen Khai©2003 All Rights Reserved