Getting through hard times (by: Night Breeze)

What makes people cry?
What makes people worried?
Emotions so intense,
Turmoil building within,
Wishing for a time machine to get ahead,
Of the dreadful event,
Let it pass, let everything be okay,
Let everything be over!
But there's no way of knowing,
No way of fast forwarding time,
Let time take it's course,
Just have to wait and see,
But you can't!
It's killing you,
Disturbing you emotionally,
Affecting you physically,
Yearning to know,
Wanting time to pass,

Finally the time has come,
Emotionally distraught,
Physically worn out,
Praying everything will be okay,
Praying to God,
Praying the same prayer,
Over and over again,
Never losing faith,
Trusting in God,
Everything is in His hands,

The time has come ...and gone,
Everything happened so fast, yet so slow,
Rewarded for keeping the faith,
Emerging from the situation,
Happy and a changed person,
Never forgetting,
All knowing,
Thanking Him for all He has done,

Peace at last,
Emotionally at rest,
Physically at rest,
Lying in bed, relieved,