~The Night Demon ~

What lies inside never dies.

Chapter 1~

Lula awoke on the cold hard ground...Her brown eyes rolled up into her head for a moment as she felt the warm sunlight of early morning hit her body. She touched her ghostly pale face with a trembling hand and yawned. What was she doing out here? She stretched, popping her neck. Her long dark auburn hair fell onto her face as she grunted. She looked down to see her long white gown covered in dark, crimson blood. Lula gasped as the dry smell of death hit her.

"What?" she cried...

Glancing beside her, she uttered a terrified cry. Her hands flew to her face as her eyes bulged out in utter horror. The remains of a person lay beside her, it was ripped to pieces and the smell...Turning to the other side she vomited again and again...Dizziness hit her and she fell beside the fresh waste with a pained groan.

She lied there for the longest time wondering what was happening. She hadn't done this? It was impossible, she could barley tell what the butchered person was. Fresh tears stung her eyes and she sobbed in loud gasps. The lifeless black eyes of the remains of the face burned into her cruelly as if to blame her for this horrible act. "I.. I don't understand," she wept bitterly. And why should she understand? She hadn't done couldn't have. Lula crawled to her knees and sniffed back more tears that threatened to come. She wiped her face then noticed her hands.

"No.", she whispered. Her hands were caked with dried blood; it was even under her fingernails.

"No." she muttered again, breathing in deep, loud gasps. "This cannot be happening.I am not a !" she shrieked loudly, her voice echoing within the realm of the forest. Lula forced herself to be calm as she staggered to her feet and approached the small stream that shimmered crystal-like as the sun shone upon its waters. She peered into the crystal stream and uttered a horrified cry. All around her mouth and her neck was caked with dried blood too. Quickly and furiously she dipped her hands in the water and splashed it onto her face and neck, trying desperately to rid of the dried blood. She managed to get all of it off her face and hands, but couldn't clean her gown.

"This isn't happening..", she breathed in loud sobs. Whatever it was it couldn't be real. She had to be dreaming, . With a look of hope on her face she pinched her arm. A short and sharp pain shot through wasn't a dream. Lula shook her head, still sobbing.

"Why can't I remember.?", she asked aloud, and it was a good question. Why couldn't she remember? Had the incident been so terrible that her mind had just completely discarded the whole memory of it? Was it even possible? With harsh movement Lula shook her head.

" ." she sneered. It wasn't possible. It would never be possible. She was a good girl, and would never do such a thing. Lula took in a deep breath and tried to relax. It was all right, there was an explanation to this.. there was always an explanation, right? Running her trembling hand through her thick hair she gave the situation some thought.

I should get out of here. Yes, and call the if my fingerprints are on the body?

Lula let out a frustrated grunt. This was so complicated, but perhaps it would be better if she just kept it a secret until she figured things out.

I'll just hide the body, and forget about all of this. Yes, it never 's was all a nightmare, just a bad I'll be awake soon.

Lula nodded. It was that simple, just convince herself that she was dreaming.

"Suppose I'll bury you.", she said to the corpse. Its black eyes continued to burn into her, telling her that it wasn't a dream. Telling her that it was reality, and that she had committed this awful deed, but had she? Could she really have done such a thing? Lula shook her thoughts away as she gathered up the remains and buried them.

Chapter 2~

Her feet ached as she made her way to the front yard of the tall white house. She had lived there all her life and felt so diverse, so different. Lula drew in a deep breath; she was trembling. Something just wasn't right.

"What's wrong with this?" she muttered under her breath as she stood statue- like unable to move. Her eyes darted around searching for some kind of clue that would sum up everything. They stopped on her bedroom window. It was completely shattered. Shards of glass glistened on the ground in the morning's sunlight. Her pulse quickened, throbbing powerfully within her chest.

"What happened last night?" she whimpered softly to herself. She wanted to cry again, but she had to be to be. With another deep breath she approached the house, her legs feeling heavy, but her heart heavier. It seemed to take an eternity, but finally she made it to the door. Her almost numb fingers brushed the warm knob and she stopped. Her hand was shaking terribly. With a loud gasping sigh she told herself to be brave and curled her fingers around it and creaked the door open. Lula poked her head inside and glanced around. Silence. Where was everyone? There was not a sound inside. No Television, no radio, no voices, no complete silence. It was such a strange thing to hear coming from a house full of disruptive people. She forced herself to continue on, however.

" . ." She called her voice quivering severely, but she neither heard a sound nor received an answer.

" .answer me," she whispered pleadingly.

I want to wake .I don't like this ... nightmare.

Lula walked to the doorway of the kitchen and froze wondering to go in or not.

"I must be brave, I must figure this out." She nodded and stepped onto the sparkling white tile of the kitchen floor. Her brown eyes scanned nervously around as she made her way slowly around the room.

"Nothing unusual. That's good," she muttered to herself as she hurried into the living room. She found that it was normal too. Walking out of the living room she approached the stairs. Her heart quickened, fluttering strongly in her chest. It seemed that perhaps she'd find what she was looking for, but the real question was, did she want to find it? Lula let out a loud gasp; for she hadn't realized that she'd been holding her breath in.

"I must go. I must." She told herself and slid her hand across the rail. As she did so a huge shock of pain pulsed through her making her want to scream; yet no sound came out. Falling to the ground she felt her eyes roll up into her head as she shuddered uncontrollably. Images flashed before her eyes and she could not stop them.

Screams echoed piercingly inside the house. It was filled with such unspeakable ran warm, caressing the wooden floor as it trickled down the once white wall. The screams were no more...oh no. They had been cut off. Cut off by the bloodstained fangs of the night demon.

Lula's eyes popped open. The pain had ceased and that she was relieved of it, but the brutal images disturbed her intensely.

" was that?" she muttered rubbing her face. She let her hands fall to her side as she stood up. It was almost as if she was in a trance. Her eyes ascended to the stairs once more and she knew she had to face what awaited her. Drawing in a deep breath she forced herself to go on. She reached the top of the stairs and glanced around. Everything still seemed normal, almost too normal.

She stepped off the last step and into the hallway. A row of three doors stood before her. As she neared her parent's bedroom a low creaking noise startled her. Lula's eyes bulged out and her pulse sped up. Slowly she turned around awaiting some kind of ghastly beast to be behind her and seize her up. But there was nothing. Her face was filled with tension as she moved closer to her door. It looked to be broken. And sure enough it was. The door was hanging just barley on the hinges.

"Well, that's weird. How did this happen?" she asked aloud touching it with her fingertip. As she pulled her hand away the door made a loud snap and fell off into her room. Raising a single eyebrow she peered inside. A gasp escaped her throat. Her bed with torn to pieces with cloth and portions of her blanket lying all over the floor. Most of her clothes and music were hurled everywhere. It looked as if she'd been robbed by a rabid animal. Lula stepped back wide-eyed.

"What's going on I going crazy?" she muttered making her way to another room. She was almost too scared to open the door to her parent's bedroom, but did so anyways. She couldn't live with her childish fears, yes the time called to forget leave them behind.

Just take a deep is nothing behind the .and this is all a dream.

Lula opened the door. Nothing could prepare her for what she was about to witness. A piercing scream escaped her throat and she couldn't stop it. It seemed to echo on after it had ceased. It seemed to shatter the illusion into what it really was. It was no dream; nothing this horrific could be it was.. It was.

The . the blood. smeared across the wall and floor. The white carpet no longer white, but a deep dark had done such an it ?

"No.I would never," she cried out, but could she really believe herself now? Could she really trust herself although she knew not what had happened? Did she even know who she was anymore? Things changed, people never like this. There was no excuse for such a hideous act.

"Did I do this? Did I?" she whispered softly, not wanting to hear the question, not wanting to accept that perhaps she'd done this. That perhaps she'd been driven over the edge and had just blown up .

"Don' 't think of .I...I don't want to hear It.' she interrupted her thoughts. Lula glanced around the blood-covered room, seeking something more. She found nothing but the blood, and lots of it there was. Where had it came from, and why wasn't her family home? Surely they would've left a note if they were going out.. unless.

" .", she cried realizing what it just might be. The family's absence.. could it possibly they ?

Chapter 3~

A mindless void filled her head as she ran to the bathroom. Pushing the door open she staggered into the room to find it was normal, and thank goodness it was. She didn't know how much more she could take of this horror. Standing at the mirror she gazed at her pasty white reflection. Her dark auburn hair fell beside her face making it paler than ever and her eyes were weary and bloodshot with deep dark circles under them. She closed her eyes for a moment, lowering her head as she gripped the counter for support. Her legs were trembling terribly and she felt she'd fall if she let go. Lula stood there, motionless, for hours it waiting. waiting for the fear to leave her.

Opening her eyes she let them rise back up to her it wasn't her reflection.

The eyes shot open, a deep crimson red. They narrowed into a glare, burning into her very own. The thick auburn hair became ebony like night, and all pigment of the face was gone. (Not that there was much there to began with.) The deep red lips twisted into a morbid smirk and fell open to reveal long, razor-sharp fangs. Lula leapt back as a hand reached out of the mirror and stroked her face. Losing her balance she fell to her knees and tried so desperately to crawl away. The figure emerged out of the mirror her long ebony hair billowing behind her like tattered wings of some demonic angel. The girl stopped just inches from her face and bellowed a moaning roar, the smell of death and decay erupting in her face.

Lula's eyes shot open and she found herself sprawled out on the bathroom floor. Had it only been a dream? Crawling up she glanced around to see everything was as it should be. Except..

"What the.?" she muttered to herself as she eyed a small red puddle on the floor. She touched it to find that it was blood.

"Where did it come from?" she tilted her head in confusion. Her forehead tensed up as she traced a small cut across her wrist. Bringing her finger to her face she touched the small drop of blood, but there was no pain at all.

"What's going on.I wish I knew.I really do?" she whispered conveying her hand away from the wound. The blood seemed to grow transparent as the cut healed by itself right in front of her eyes. Lula gasped.

"Oh.. Oh my. What?", she cried unable to comprehend what had just happened. It wasn't normal, a wound healing by itself in just a few seconds of it being made, and right in front of her eyes. It just wasn't normal! This was really getting was just wished for it to be over and everything return to normal.

With trembling fingers Lula touched the invisible wound. No pain, no blood. No nothing. Her face tensed up with enraged anger. Adrenaline rushed through her veins.

What is going on? Why can't I figure anything out?

Opening her mouth Lula bellowed a penetrating snarl as her fist drove into the wall hammering a hole through it..

Lula blinked several times. Slowly and easily she removed her fist from the hole in the wall. No pain. or at least not yet. She touched her fist, balling it up and undoing it. Still no pain, nor broken bone. not even a bruise or a red place. In utter awe she stroked her throat. She had never made that type of noise before. ever. it had sounded horrible like some kind of rabid beast. And the power her fist had to have to drive through the sturdy wooden wall. She touched the large fist hole with a frightened face. What was happening to her?

"I'm afraid.. So utterly afraid." she whispered closing her eyes..

Hours and hours seemed to pass by as Lula rested on the floor staring at the blackness of her eyelids. Years seemed to drift away. And she found herself almost drifting away too.

" .wake up." a voice whispered in her ear, but whose voice was it? Her eyes shot open to find nothing, nothing at all. Stumbling up she got to her feet and turned in a complete circle.

"Oooh, how long was I out.?" she muttered to herself, rubbing her eyes.

"Not very long." A voice said from behind. It had a rough yet feminine sound to it. A chill went through her whole body as she tried to find the courage to turn around.

"What's wrong, Lula. Are you afraid of your destiny?" the voice mocked rudely. Lula's eyes widened with anger as she jerked around. She stopped. Her breath caught in her throat, and her eyes bulged out. The girl stood in the doorway, arms folded. Her black gown descended over her hands and to the floor. Her long ebony hair fell over the ghostly pale face and covered one crimson eye. Lula gasped.

" wasn't! -

The girl shook her head.

"No, Lula. It wasn't a dream. None of this is." She smirked, making her fangs visible. Lula stepped back, feeling faint.

"Who are you?" she asked. The girl smiled.

"I'm you."

Lula blinked, her face tensing up.

"What? You're me? I. I don't understand." Lula shook her head, taking another step back. The girl took a step closer; brushing a strand of her thick black hair out of her face. Both crimson eyes now burned into her, and Lula felt her stomach jerk.

"Can you not see it, Lula? Our faces, our 're the exact same. I am you, and you are me." She said. Lula's eyes narrowed.

"Why are you here? And what's happening to me?" she asked trying to remain calm. She smiled her morbid smile, turning around.

"So many questions. Don't worry; all shall be answered in time. You need to be patient."

Lula felt her anger flourishing; she knew she could no longer hold it in.

"No! I've been patient! I won't wait any longer. Tell me! Tell me now!" She shrieked in fury, her fists clinched at her sides. The girl stopped. The room began to darken and shudder as if it was made of water and someone had disturbed it. She turned to face Lula her hair flowing behind her and across her pale neck. She extended a hand.

"Fine, if you wish to know.. Take my hand and you will see."

Taking a deep breath Lula moved toward her and took the hand. Now eye to eye with the strange girl, the girl that had came out of the mirror Lula saw that she was right. They were identical, except for a few minor details. Besides that they were practically twins. She smiled.

"So you see." She said as the room began to grow darker and darker until nothing could be seen. A warm breeze hit Lula's face as dizziness overtook her. The heat was intensifying, and it felt as if they were spinning in circles. Lula opened her mouth to speak, but just as she did it stopped. Lula opened her eyes to see the girl in front of her, smiling.

"We're here." She said, letting go of her hand. Lula glanced around to see they were no longer in her bathroom.

"Where are we?" she asked. It was dark, with some strange red mist. There were dozens of rusted looking cages, and chains sprawled everywhere. Screams could be heard from all over, agonizing screams. Lula bit her lip. She didn't know where she was and was almost too afraid to. Before she could repeat her question a familiar voice called out to her.

"Lula! Oh gosh! Lula, please don't do it!"

Two cloaked men dragged a figure out of a cage, as it thrashed and screamed. Lula studied the figure. It was a girl with short curly blond hair and hazel eyes. The eyes locked onto hers'.

"Lula, please. Please don't let them kill me." the girl sobbed pleadingly. Lula studied the girl for a moment. Suddenly it was as if an alarm went off inside her head, screaming furiously for her to wake up, wake up and listen.

Sandra, my best friend. I remember meeting you so were in elementary young cares at pains.

Lula could feel tears rolling down her cheeks. As much as she wanted to scream at the men to stop she couldn't. Her body was frozen like a couldn't 't she could do was watch Sandra's life be taken from her..

Sandra... I'm very sorry.

The girl studied Lula and Sandra.

"Stop." She said and peered down at Sandra with an almost sweet smile. Sandra sobbed in loud gasps, and Lula didn't know if she was crying because of fear or relief. But she should've known better, yes, both Sandra and she should've known that a demon wouldn't have mercy. The cloaked men released her and she crumbled to the ground wearily, a mass of blond curls falling over her tear-stained face. Suddenly Lula could move again, and found herself down on the floor right beside her best friend trying to calm her down. The girl watched them both with a sick glare.

"Sandra, are you alright? What were you doing down here?" Lula whispered. Sandra sniffed and wiped her blood-shot eyes.

" I'll be fine.I-

Sandra's face froze. A look of utter horror was displayed upon it. Her eyes turned blood red, bulging out of their sockets as her face swelled purple. Her mouth fell open with a slight moan as a couple drops of blood trickled down her now blue lips. Her bloated face began to convulse just before a strident crack was heard, Sandra's face exploded into a heap of blood raining upon Lula. She stared in absolute terror as the locks of bloody curls fell over the half shattered skull of her once best friend. Blood dripped off the edge of Lula's nose as she began to convulse violently in large gasps. The girl stood over Lula as she wept bitterly.

"Why are you crying, there's no need in it." She sneered. Lula's eyes narrowed in rage as she lunged up.

"How? How can you possibly watch what just happened and blame me for crying? How? How can you do that?" Lula shrieked, shaking fiercely as blood dripped off her face. She smiled wickedly.

"Because, Lula, you were the one that did it."

Lula's eyes narrowed into slits and she snarled furiously.

"I'm tired of your riddles! I didn't do it! What kind of person do you think I am?" she bellowed, shaking violently. The girl popped her neck from side to side. A sickening crack was heard.

"Close your eyes, Lula." She said, extending both hands. "I want to show you something."

Without hesitation Lula took her hands.

"Be very still and quiet," she whispered.

Chapter 4~

I could see .sound asleep. It was so weird to see below me, just there asleep while I myself was awake. Like a shuddering wind screams began to linger in the room, rising from soft to a crescendo. They sent chills throughout my body and I couldn't help but wonder why I hadn't awoken hearing them. The bed began to shake and I saw myself flop from side to side as it shook more powerfully, but even that didn't awake me.

The bed became still if nothing had the screams ceased as if they'd only been in my head, and perhaps they this all was just a mere illusion.

I saw myself twitch violently as I arched up; eyes rolled into head and let out a gruesome snarl. Suddenly it was as if the room became alive. Clothes and books and CDs began to rise in the air and hurl themselves at the walls and floor. The bed began to shake again, yet this time more violently, and the window shattered. Shards of glass glistened on the floor as the moon gazed in upon them.

The door creaked open, but it wasn't by was room became motionless as everything fell to the floor.

"Lula? Is everything all right?", Mom asked, peaking in the door. I knew what I was about to I didn't want no I didn't.

"Lula?", her voice called. Lula's eyes opened, and the girl gave a glare.

"What are you doing?", she sneered. Lula shook her head.

"I don't want to see this.I can't.", she shook her head. The girl glared.

"You will see it! Now close your eyes! You need to know this."

Lula opened her mouth to object, but didn' she closed her awaited the brutal images that would surely come.

"Lula?", she called once more. I watched myself, wanting to cry.

I let out a hideous shriek as my teeth began to noise of bones cracking echoed along with my shrieking teeth were growing and forming a were turning into fangs. My jawbone made a horrific snapping noise as it stretched to make room for them. Mom stared in disbelief all color draining from her face. I suppose anyone would after witnessing their daughter turn into a monster.

My eyes shot open, a deep crimson red. girl' she was I was she me.

"Mother.", I sneered in an inhuman voice unlike anything I'd ever heard. And with that I pounced off the bed almost like a cat, landing directly on her. Flying back we hit the door, knocking it almost off, still hanging by one that explained it.

Screaming Mom shoved me off, but I returned it by doing a back flip and landing backwards on my hands and feet, stomach turned toward the ceiling. The thick sound of bones cracking was heard when I landed. Letting out another hideous sneer I charged at her. She uttered a horrified scream seeing me on my back running at her.

I chased her into the room and that's when.I leapt up onto her and ripped her throat out with my bare awful the scene how horrible.

Coming off my backbend to my feet I approached my parents bedroom, staggering zombie-like. I watched myself slam the door open. Dad sat up straight with a frightened look in his almost black eyes. My hair shot back and my crimson eyes burned like fire, opening my mouth I let out another earthshaking roar.

"Lula! What is the meaning of this?", he cried, almost shaking in fear.

"To kill you.", I growled. His eyes bulged out as I lunged at him with strength and power that a normal human could never have. Quickly and smartly he ducked under the bed as I sprawled out onto the floor. He dashed out the door and I followed quickly behind. Lula's eyes shot open.

"No!", she cried. The girl had a grim smirk on her lips.

"Yes?", she asked although she knew what Lula would say.

"The .", Lula whimpered tears streaming down her cheeks." It was Dad! .I killed them.I killed my parents."

She smiled.

"Yes, but he did put up quite a fight."

Lula stared in disbelief.

"How can you say that? If you're 's your Father too!" she bellowed. She laughed.

"That's where you're wrong, Lula, I am I'm a different side of you.I'm the Demise." she grinned. Lula nodded.

" 's what I'll call you ."

Demise laughed slightly.

"You'll get to this side of you then I'll be you'll be me," she said. At this point of time Lula understood. She nodded. She understood everything except..

"Who or what am I?", she asked emotionless, her eyes ascending to Demise. She smiled.

"I knew this question would come sooner or there is much to learn." Demise's crimson eyes locked onto Lula's brown and for a moment she was almost lost in the radiant redness of them. Demise began to speak.

"Lula, you are what they call "The Devil's One" a being that has immense power and abilities. Your' demonic side, me, is trying to push you enough to were you will change, but once you change, Lula, you can never turn back.."

Lula shook her head.

"But what if I don't want to change.. What if I just want to stay human, my normal self.?"

"That is not an option." Demise sneered. Lula shook her head once again.

"But I don't want to be possessed."

Demise grinned her morbid grin.

"It's not possession if it's your other side.. You are a demon, Lula, and there's no way to escape way at all."

Lula sneered.

"But I will escape it! I will! you wont stop me!", she bellowed turning and fleeing out of the bathroom door. Demise smirked and tilted her head with amusement.

Lula ran down the stairs and into the only room she hadn't looked in yet.. Her twin sister's, Eden, but she hadn't arrived home yet. She was staying a few days with her friend. Eden had been born just seconds before that made them both seventeen. Lula glanced around to see that the room hadn't been touched.

She picked up a picture of her sister and smiled softly..

"At least you're safe, Eden.. my dear sister." she smiled faintly, putting the picture back on Eden's dresser. They had always gotten along real good. It was almost as if they were the same person sometimes, because they could almost hear and feel what each other thought and felt.

I wonder if Eden feels the vast wickedness of her sister.I wonder.

Lula felt warm tears surface her eyes, and she didn't stop them. They rolled heavily down her cheek and onto her bloody gown. Lula stopped.

I must look like the living dead.

Chapter 5~

Lula's gown dropped to the floor as she ran the water.

A nice hot 's what I need.

Stepping into the shower, she let herself drift away as the hot water calmed her nerves. The thick scent of coconuts filled the air as she washed and conditioned her her sponge with body wash she scrubbed the remains of the blood off her pale body.

Lula stood at the fogged up mirror, towel drying her wet hair. She had changed into baggy jeans and a black baggy shirt. Demise seemed to have disappeared. She hadn't seen her anywhere and was relieved of that. Steam hung in the air as she turned around, feeling a little drowsy.

"I suppose a little nap wouldn't hurt," she muttered walking into the living room and laying on the couch. Her eyes became heavy and soon she was asleep..

Eden's eyes popped open. She blinked several times. Glancing over at Nikki she got up.

"Whoa, hey, what time is it?" she asked her voice groggy. Nikki looked at her watch.

"It's almost after one. Do you need to get home?' She asked her bright green eyes sparkling, with a strand of her bleach blond hair hanging over it. Eden's pale lips twisted into a smile.

"Yes, but I can manage." she said running a hand through her chin length hair and smiling. She walked out of the house and waved. The sun was up high in the luminous blue sky. Eden's brown eyes scurried around happily as she walked home. She looked almost exactly like her twin, Lula, except she was different. Eden's hair was dark auburn and she had no bangs just like her sister's but her hair was cut short to her chin. She was pale like her sister and had brown eyes. Eden wore faded jeans and a camouflaged tank top. It was her favorite thing to wear, unlike Lula, which were baggy jeans and long baggy shirts.

Unexpectedly a hand came from behind placing itself on Eden's shoulder. With a frantic cry Eden spun around her heart throbbing madly within her chest..

"Cain!" she screamed breathlessly, hand on chest. Cain's blue eyes brightened as he laughed loudly, making Eden's blood boil.

"You...Uhh.. Should be way more careful when you walk.. Alone!" he laughed, grinning wildly.

"You can be so stupid sometimes!" she sneered, folding her arms and turning to walk away. He caught up, jumping in front of her.

"Aw, Come on, Eden. Lighten up would you!" he grinned his oh-so-charming grin, his dimples showing cutely on his nice dark skin. A strand of his dark brown hair fell over one crystal eye as he tilted his head. Eden glared angrily pushing him aside, but he wouldn't budge.

"Ah, babe, I'm sorry!" he said with arms outstretched. Eden stared at him with a cold glare, but then it turned into a soft smile. She giggled. He could be so mean and annoying sometimes, but he was still Cain, and she loved him. He grinned at her giggles.

"See, there you go! There's my Eden.. Now.. me being stupid-" he scratched the back of his head. Eden laughed loudly, playfully punching him.

"Oh, you know I'm just messing with you!" she grinned happily.

They hugged happily, and talked the whole way to her house, but as happy as the moment seemed they had no idea what awaited them. They knew not their destiny..

Lula's eyes popped open, and she set up straight.

"No!" she shrieked. Her long hair hung wet on her face and neck, and her eyes were bulged out in fear. Her sister was approaching she could feel it. And she could not ignore the fact. "No Eden!"

Laughter echoed inside her head, her laughter. How strange, how utterly odd it was to her herself like that, wanting so badly to believe that it was another person.. but it wasn' no it wasn't..

Screaming, Lula shook her head as she rocked back and forth.

"I don't want to hear it! Quit laughing!"

But it just got louder and louder, and there was not a thing she could do.

"No. Eden. no.".

Eden and Cain approached the house. They stopped.

"Whoa, what happened here?" Cain asked pointing at the shattered window. It was Lula's window. Eden's pulse began to speed up. She hoped nothing bad had happened, hoped her sister was all right. A shrill shriek was heard from within the house, it was Lula. Eden's face turned white as she broke into a run, cold sweat drenched her back and neck. She was afraid, and hoped her sister wasn't in trouble.

"Lula!" she cried as she threw herself onto the door, and fell into the house as it on her knees she looked to see Lula sprawled out onto the floor. Cain walked in behind her. His humor was no longer with him as he peered in.

"Lula! Lula are you okay?" Eden cried rolling her sister's limp body over. She appeared paler than usual. Cain took a step closer, studying Lula.

"Is she sick?" he asked. Eden shook her head as she felt Lula's forehead.

"N.. No she's cold." Eden stroked her sister's face. She looked to be dead, dead for some time.. Her poor, poor began to cry. Cain came closer, embracing her and Eden turned to cry on his shoulder.

"It's okay, It's okay." he whispered into her ears.

Eden shook her head sobbing bitterly. Her poor .Lula was-

Lula's body began to quiver violently. Eden jerked away from Cain and looked over at her.

"Lula?" she called.

Lula stopped. Silence. Eden got closer.


Lula's eyes shot open. The white part glared up at her, as Lula arched back bellowing a loud demonic roar. The thick stench of decaying death hit Eden's face and she coughed. Falling back she covered her mouth, her eyes wide in horror.

"Lula, what's happening to you?" she shrieked. All the color in Cain's face drained out as he stared in terror. Lula's body seemed to throw itself forward as she rose up in Eden's face.

" shouldn't be the time is nigh." Lula's voice cried in panic.a single tear rolled down Lula's cheek, but it wasn't a normal tear it was a tear of blood.

Eden gasped, staring at the startling whites of her eyes.

"What do you mean?" she cried. Lula fell back against the floor, quivering time the roar that escaped her shook the walls of the house. Eden let out a loud scream. She knew not what was going on, and it disturbed her deeply.

Lula's eyes slid down, and they were no longer brown but a deep fiery crimson. Cain fell back.

"Whoa!" he cried.

Eden gasped loudly.

Lula's eyes narrowed into smoldering fiery slits and she smirked, baring huge alluring fangs. The roots of her auburn hair began to turn ebony, going down and streaking several strands of it. Every single detail of color vanished from Lula's skin as she staggered up zombie-like. She lurched toward Eden, her eyes wild in fury.

"No, Eden!" Cain cried cutting in front of her. He glared at her demonic sister. Eden stumbled backwards, her eyes wide in fear. Lula snarled feverishly as she gazed Cain into the eyes. He sneered.

"What are you going to do, little girl, huh?" he mocked. Lula bellowed another roar this time her hand swung out, hitting Cain on the cheek. He let out a startled and painful cry as he flew through the air hitting the wall and then crumbling to the ground. Long bloody claw marks had been inflicted upon his cheek and a bruise was showing up behind them. Eden panted in fear as she tried to escape her sister.

"What do you want, Lula? Why are you doing this? Why?" she cried hoarsely. Lula just smirked her morbid smirk as she approached.

"No! Get away!" Eden screamed racing up the turned to watch her go, smiling deviously.

Eden stumbled, hitting her knee on the stairs. She gasped slightly, rubbing her knee.

What is going on here? I.I don't understand.

Jerking her head, she turned to look behind her. Lula hadn't followed that was good. But what about Cain, she had forgotten about him! Eden bit her lower lip and shook her head. She had to go back, had to.

"Here goes nothing," she muttered, taking a deep breath and turning slowly to go down the stairs..

Lula stared at Cain. He began to move, slowly. His eyes opened halfway in a sort of lethargic way. He let out a low grunt, blood trickling from his busted lip. He wiped it off and just kind of stared at his hand. Slowly his eyes moved up to Lula's. She narrowed her's and growled, baring her fangs like some rabid dog. Cain's eyes widened in fear. With a raspy gasp he tried to move away.

"Die, human." Lula growled in a devilish tone, her voice sounding nothing at all like a seventeen-year-old girl's would. Cain breathed in deep for a moment.

"Why? Why do you want to kill me, and your sister?" he asked.

Lula smiled softly, seeming almost human.

"Because, you entered the household."

" .why is that a problem."

Lula's smile grew wider.

"Because, I am the night death demon.I kill to live," she sneered." And now you shall die."

Cain gasped as he tried to get away. Falling to her knees, Lula began crawling at him, moving abnormally. She came closer, getting just inches from his face. He could smell the thick stench of blood and death upon her body. Cain coughed.

" ." he begged. Lula cackled wickedly.

"I'm not Lula anymore.I am Demise the Night Demon."

Cain's eyes bulged out as her long nail scraped across his face and neck.

"No!" Eden's voice echoed from behind. Cain's face filled with relief. Demise whipped around her eyes narrowed.

"You can't save him!" she screeched. Eden glared.

"You're no longer my sister.. I have no problem killing you, now that you're not my sister." She said with no emotion. Demise smirked, standing up.

"Oh, no! You're going to kill me." she mocked. Eden glared angrily. Demise shook her head, "I don't think you ."

Eden sneered.

"How do you think that?" she snapped rudely. Demise laughed glancing at Cain then Eden.

"Because." She said.

Eden rolled her eyes.

"You don't want to hurt me!" Demise said in Lula's voice. Eden's mouth dropped open, and her eyes fill with tears.

"Lula! Fight it! .", she whimpered. Demise laughed.

"I am Lula. And this is my other is my destiny and, sister, you aren't going to ruin it."

Eden's eyes bulged out.

" 're Lula?" she asked her voice shaking. Demise sneered.

"Her better half, yes." She said. Eden shook her head, grabbing Cain's hand. She pulled him to his feet.

"Come on, Cain, we have to get out of here." She said, quivering. He nodded, slightly staggering to the side. Demise popped her neck, and smirked. Extending a hand, her hair began to blow back. The doors and windows all locked.

"You cannot escape." She growled, laughing piercingly. Eden and Cain raced up the stairs.

"Go ahead and try!" Demise bellowed after them, "It's no use! You're both going to die!"

Chapter 6~

Eden and Cain stopped at the top of the stairs, overlooking Lula's tattered door and the bloody fingerprints on their parent's. Cain just stood there catching his breath, while Eden ran to the window, yanking at it with all her might. She shook her head.

"It's no won't budge." She frowned. Cain shrugged.

"So, break it." he said, "I want out of here, and if it's the only way then so be it."

Eden took it into consideration. She nodded.

"All right. Let's break out of here."

Cain smiled.

"That's it!"

Eden looked around for some sort of thing to break the window.

"Hmm" she thought to herself as she looked between a baseball and a chair. The chair would work well. Eden picked up the chair and hurled it at the window. An earsplitting noise was heard, as the window exploded into what seemed like a thousand shards of glistening glass..

"All right, let's go!" she said grabbing Cain's hand. Together they leapt out the window.

Demise's face darkened with fuming anger, her eyes narrowing as she listened to the shatter.

"How.. dare they." she sneered with intense rage. The house shook as she let out a monstrous roar.

Eden and Cain rolled across the ground.

"Whoa!" he cried.

"We'd better get !" Eden exclaimed jumping up, and pulling Cain with her, "She sounds angry!"

Cain nodded and they ran.

"Where will we go? Won't she follow us?" Cain asked breathlessly. Eden frowned.

"I.. I don't I do know that we can't stay here." She shook her head, "She'll kill .I. I don't know why.I don't know why my sister wants me dead.." Eden began to cry. She buried her face with her hands and fell onto Cain. He held her close.

"I'm so sorry.." He whispered..

Eden eased herself off a bit and looked up at him with longing eyes.

"I just wish this never happened, this was .and everything was back to the same.I never wronged ! I.. I just don't understand.I don't understand at all." Eden wept.

All Cain could do was just hold her there, close to just embrace her strongly.

"I know.I know," he whispered, and Eden felt good there for a his arms. The boy she loved to hate. They had been together for almost forever, but had had loads of problems with their relationship too. And so they had just broken up. Although Eden would never admit it, she missed him a lot and felt so good in his good.

Chapter 7~

Demise watched the two out of the window. A morbid smirk was played upon her ghostly pale lips.

"Stupid lovebirds. I'll show them." She sneered through her fangs.

Demise's eyes began to glow a vibrant red, and a deep rumbling escaped her throat making an almost purring sound.

"Cain." Demise muttered under her breath her eyes wild and alive with eagerness.

Cain's blue eyes flickered crimson for a moment. Narrowing them he ripped Eden from him and hurled her across the yard. She hit a tree and fell to her knees painfully, eyes wide in surprise and in fear.

"Cain!" she cried as he moved in on her. Letting out a startled yelp she crawled up and backed away. His eyes seemed to almost be glowing as he studied her for a moment. Cain smirked, and Eden gulped as she turned to flee.

"Get back here! I'm going to kill you!" he snarled viciously. Eden let out a scream when she turned to see he was running after her.

"No! Cain, please!" she cried in utter panic.

Demise watched this and laughed. Ah, it was so beautiful, so delightful.

"Perhaps I won't have to kill her!" she laughed, "He'll do it for me!"

Cain chased Eden into the town; she stopped when she didn't see him anymore. Slouching over Eden breathed deeply, and roughly. Gasping, she almost fell over. Her legs were aching and sweat poured from her brow. She breathed in another time and straightened up. Glancing around, the town was cars, no nothing. Eden raised an eyebrow.

"Where is everybody?" she whispered to herself running a hand through her short hair. A loud moan echoed across the midst, shattering the silence. Eden shivered, covering her arms. Her face tensed up.

"Wha.. What was that? Oh, I don't like the sound of it."

Turning in circles, Eden searched for somewhere to to hide, for a little while, at least. All of the buildings seemed so strange, so diverse. Eden felt chills go through her whole body. The only building that seemed just a litter normal was the huge brick Catholic Church. Eden creaked the huge wooden door open. The noise made Eden shiver. She poked her head in. Silence. A chill hit her face when she walked in, and she shivered again. The building was dark, the pews a deep red, and the stained glass windows luminous as the sun shined through them. But something seemed Eden felt more chills come over her. She approached the Priest's booth, and stood beside it.

"Father?" she asked her voice coming out unsteady and trembling terribly. Eden took a deep breath and tried to control herself.

"Yes, child, what is your confession?" he said in a deep tone making her jump a little. She breathed deeply trying to get her pulse to slow down.

"I.I.. You 's my sister!" she cried unable to speak straight, "She's.I don't know what she is 's evil! calls herself Demise or something.I don't know." Eden felt fresh tears sting her bloodshot brown eyes as she tried so frantically to sniff them back. There was silence at the other end. Suddenly there was a gasp from the priest.

"The Night Demon, Demise.. she's finally awaken." He muttered in a dreaded tone. Opening the door. The priest came out. He was a younger man, perhaps in his early thirties. Eden found it odd for a priest to be so young looking. He had dark hazel eyes, and dirty blond hair that was cut short. His face showed fear.

"I've been taught about what shall happen when she comes." He mutters again, his eyes huge. Eden shook her head with frustration.

"No! My sister is not a demon!" Eden sneered with anger. He frowned, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry, child, but it's true."

Eden tore from his hand and growled in anger.

"It's Eden! I'm not a child!" she sneered.

He smiled.

"We're all children in God's eyes, young lady."

She let out a sigh.

"Yes, I know. I'm just confused. Confused why Lula wants everyone dead.. gosh.I...I don't understand." Eden shook her head madly.

The Priest smiled softly. He extended his hand.

"I'm Simon.. I'll help you. If you accept it." he said. Eden stared at his hand for a moment then took it.

"I accept." She said.

Simon smiled.

"Good, now I'll explain to you about what's happening to your sister." He said taking her into the back room.

Eden looked around. There were crucifixes and large portraits of Jesus and the disciples, and angels too. It was a very holy place, indeed.

"So, what are we in here for?" Eden asked, glancing around. Simon pulled up a book from his desk and thumbed through the pages. He stared at it for a moment then handed it to Eden. She raised an eyebrow, and looked up at him.

"Read it. It has everything you need to know." He said and left the room for a moment. Eden peered down at the crinkly almost yellow paper. The book was very old and dusty.

Demise, The Night Demon, she reigns once again. We thought we had defeated her, but she has risen again, this time taking the form of a human child. The child, however, knows not her destiny. She thinks she is just a normal young girl. But when she turns a certain age she will know, and once again plunge the world into utter darkness. Her powers are immense, and once she finds them she wont let down. The demon's only pleasure is killing and destroying. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop her this time. We've done all we can.

In a rage Eden threw the book against the wall.

"Simon!" She bellowed angrily.

"Eden, what's wrong?" he asked, poking his head in the door.

Eden glared furiously, storming pass him. She stopped at the door and whirled around.

"My sister was never truly a human?" she asked her voice breaking. Simon frowned.

"I'm afraid not." He said. Eden stared in bewilderment.

"But.I' twin." She said.

Simon's mouth dropped open.

"What? Her twin? Nobody told me she had a twin." he cried pulling books off the shelves and going through them rapidly, "Something's got to be in here about this!"

Eden shook her head with a sneer.

"Forget the books! They know were written long before."

Simon took this into thought and nodded, letting them fall from his hands.

"Yes, I'm sure you're right." he said turning the lights off and walking out of the room and into the main part of the church. Eden followed behind.

They stopped in the middle of the pews. A strange stench lingered within the church. Eden coughed, covering her nose.

"Ew, what is that?" She cried, coughing again. Simon pinched his nose shut.

"I don't know, but it sure stinks!"

The smell seemed to grow stronger than before. It was so thick it could almost be tasted. They both coughed, falling onto the ground. Eden held onto one of the pews for support. The smell was of decay and blood. It was dry and disgusting. Turning to the side, she looked upon Simon who had fallen unconscious.

" .wake up. Simon wake up!" Eden cried shaking him. Suddenly the smell ceased. It just faded away as if it had never even been there, and perhaps it was true. Perhaps it was just an illusion. Eden shook Simon again.

"Hey, wake up.." She said in an almost whispering tone.

A loud bang echoed within the silent church as the double doors flew open to reveal a shadowy figure with glowing crimson eyes. A frigid breeze blew in, making Eden shiver. The figure emerged out of the darkness in a long flowing garment, and an earsplitting noise was heard as all the stained glass windows exploded into long shards of colored glass. In a frenzy of emotions Eden grabbed Simon and pulled him under the pews with her as the glass flew at them. Eden noticed that it had gotten dark awfully quick. The sun was no longer up, and the shadows were so dark.. It was like a darkness she'd never known.

Demise stepped into the church her long black gown fluttering behind. Glancing around, she smirked wickedly.

"Feeling safe?" she asked, her eyes gleaming with laughter." . Where's your little boyfriend, what's his name? Oh, yes, 's it."

Eden sneered.

"What did you do to him?"

Demise smirked.

"Why, you blame me?" she tilted her head. Her eyes caught Simon, and she growled baring her fangs "Priest."

Hmm, she doesn't seem to like Simon. Could it be because he is holy? I wonder what will become of me.I mean, I am her that still make me human? I just want to figure this out.I see my sister standing in front of she's not my sister anymore.

Eden frowned. She wanted so much to just wrap her arms around her twin and embrace her, and just cry. But that she could no longer do that. Demise growled, her voice deepening severely.

"He must die," she snarled furiously.

Simon began to stir. His eyes opened and they expanded. He gasped.

" !" he cried rolling out from under the pew. Simon crawled to his feet, and straightened up. Demise tilted her head, and Eden noticed more of her hair had gotten black. There was about an even amount of black strands and auburn strands in Demise's hair. It flowed over her gown, and over one crimson eye.

"Greetings, Priest." She sneered in a deep, demonic tone. He nodded to her, neither of them taking their eyes off each other.

"I see you've returned." He said. Demise smirked.

"As always." She replied.

He nodded.

"Yes, indeed. You always return, and I sense your strength and power." He said. Demise smiled vainly.

"I have gotten more my strength is amazing."

Simon nodded.

"I see." He said.

Demise shot Eden a smirk as she straightened up, and took a step closer to Simon. His eyes widened and he tried to back away, but Demise shook her head. She extended her hand.

"Simon, I do not wish to fight against you anymore. I returned for the sole purpose of apologizing and asking for your forgiveness, Father. I wish to befriend you, not kill you." she smiled.

Simon stood speechless. His hand moved slowly, approaching her's. Eden gasped. She looked at Simon then at Demise. Eden shook her head. It didn't seem right, no, she was trying to trick him. Nothing good would come from this. Eden crawled out from under the pew and arose.

"No, Simon, don't do it! It's a trap." Eden cried.

Demise shot her an irritated glare, and shook her head.

"No, Priest, it's not.I really mean It." She smiled again, and Eden realized it was the same smile Lula did, but after all Demise and Lula were the same.

Simon took Demise's hand, and Eden awaited something terrible to happen. Demise smiled. It was a divine smile; it was Lula's smile. Simon smiled Eden felt that something wasn't right.

Quickly and Deviously Demise pulled Simon to her. Her angelic smile turned into a gruesome sneer as she tore into Simon's chest with her other hand and ripped his heart out. His face showed an expression unlike nothing Eden had ever seen. She let out a frightened cry as blood sprayed upon her face and shirt. Demise held the heart to her lips, flickering her tongue over it and letting a couple drops of blood trickle on her fangs. Eden just stared in disbelief as Demise smashed it onto Simon's face, smearing it on him and letting him fall to the ground in his own blood. She turned to Eden and smiled, licking the remaining blood off her lips.

"Mmm, delicious." She mocked.

Eden sniffed back the tears that threatened to come.

"At least a good heart." Demise laughed maliciously.

Eden shook her head in fury.

"Why do you do such things? Such hideous things!" she shrieked.

Not answering her question Demise walked to the doorway and turned to Eden, her long hair flowing over her ghostly pale face. Demise's eyes glew fiercely, and she smiled at her.

"I'm going to go for man needs to speak to you." She said and walked out of the church.

Eden raised an eyebrow.

"My man?"

There was a loud crash as Cain leapt through the broken window, holding a huge bloodstained axe. Dry blood was caked all over his face, neck and clothes. His eyes flickered crimson as he let out a hideous growl. Eden gulped as she backed up.

Chapter 8~

Backing up, Eden felt her back hit against a pew. Cain stood in front of her a ghastly smile upon his lips. He trapped her from running away. Eden screamed as he held the axe above his head and drove it down at her. Darting to the side, the axe smashed into the pew, wood splintering everywhere. Eden ran past him and outside the church. Cain walked behind, dragging the axe on the ground. His head was lowered, and his eyes narrowed in a daunting glare.

"No, . .you must.." Eden screamed as she ran.

Stumbling into a construction site, Eden tripped and fell. Shaking her head she looked above to see Cain ready to strike. As he brought the axe down Eden smartly grabbed it, using all her strength to push it away from her. Cain sneered, not happy with Eden's quickness. Glancing around she noticed a piece of metal pipe lying beside her. Using one hand to hold the axe as he wrestled it with her, she grabbed the pipe with the other and bashed him upside the head with it. He let out a low grunt as he tumbled over and fell unconscious. Eden grabbed the axe and stood over him breathless. She watched him for hours it seemed, and still he didn't move, all except his chest. Perhaps he'd be normal when he awoke.

Dropping the axe Eden slumped down beside him, letting her tears spill. She wept into the dirt, and huddled up with her knees against her chest.

I'm so I should've just let him kill let him kill me and get it over , gosh I don't know how much more of this I can take.I really don't.

Eden closed her eyes and felt herself drift far began to dream..

She was younger, so much younger.a child. Eden and Lula both. They ran around the yard, their high-pitched squeals of laughter echoing from all around. Around and around they ran, laughing so blissfully. Lula ran in front of Eden, she turned to look at her, her eyes shinning with happiness. Suddenly Lula fell, hitting her knee against a rock. It cut open and began to bleed. Her face turned bright red, and tears stung her eyes. Lula began to cry, holding her knee. Eden kneeled down in front of her twin and removed her hand from the wound. Lula wiped her face watching her sister. Eden touched the before both girls' eyes it healed up. Eden smiled at Lula. Lula smiled back, and they hugged.

"I couldn't stand to see you in pain." Eden whispered to her sister, "So I helped."

Lula broke away from the hug and grinned.

"Yeah, you did! Thanks, sis, I love you!" she smiled happily. Eden smiled back.

"I love you too, sis.".

Eden's eyes fluttered open, and she felt her face was warm from tears. She'd been crying while she was dreaming. Rising up, she looked to see that Cain was gone. Eden sniffed, wiping her eyes again.

"That many memories," she sobbed, "I wish it still was the same.", she whispered, and it was true.

She just couldn't believe that her beloved twin sister had never really been, couldn't believe that she .. wicked.a demon.

Chapter 9~

Eden lied there for what seemed like an eternity. Finally she got up. Crawling to her feet, she glanced around. Where was Cain? She no longer trusted him. Her eyes narrowed as she spotted him a couple feet away, lying on his side. Snatching the bloodstained axe Eden approached him. She stood over him, clinching it so tight her knuckles turned white. Eden gritted her teeth. Cain rolled over onto his back, his eyes popped so raised an eyebrow at Eden and laughed.

"So, what are you a serial killer?" he asked, grinning.

Eden's eyes widened. The same Cain that had threw her against a tree, the same Cain that had chased her until she couldn't move, the same Cain that had struck at her with an grinning and talking to her like nothing had ever even happened. She blinked several times to make sure it was real. Still she did not trust him, and she thought she never would again. Cain crawled up and walked over to her.

"No! Don't come any closer!" she growled holding the axe in front of her, trembling so badly.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she trembled. Cain raised a lone eyebrow and frowned, looking worried.

"Eden, 's me.. it's Cain. what's the matter with you?" He asked trying to hug her. Eden leapt back, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Don' .any.. closer." she wept, her voice shaking awkwardly.

But Cain took his chances and came closer to her. He couldn't stand to see her like this. He had to figure out what was wrong.

"Eden, are you all right?" he asked, just inches from her face.

Eden screamed striking at him with the axe, but missed. The strike was so powerful that she dropped the axe and lost her balance falling into Cain's arms. Eden thrashed, trying so desperately to escape, but Cain would not let her go. He held her tightly to him. Eden finally stopped thrashing and just fell into his arms crying.

" .don't hurt ." she wept.

Cain tilted his head, and kissed her. Eden froze, her eyes wide with surprise.

"Why would I want to hurt you?" he smiled.

Eden's eyes widened even more.

"Y.. You mean you don't remember?" she asked breathlessly.

He shook his head, holding her tightly.

"Remember what?" he asked.

Eden smiled. She shook her head, laying her head against him.

" at all."..

Chapter 10~

Eden broke away from Cain and gazed into his eyes.

"Do you remember what happened to Lula, my sister?" she asked.

He nodded.

"I remember jumping out of the window and before that, 's about it. I don't remember anymore." He said with a confused look, "Eden, what happened.. looked so afraid of me." he said.

Eden frowned.

"I'll explain have no now." she frowned.

"What a !" Demise's voice echoed from all around. They both turned to see her floating off the ground behind them, "My powers are .and now.. you both shall die." Her lips twisted into a bleak sneer, her fangs sparkling in the moonlight.

Demise twisted and weaved in the air, dancing peculiarly. A hum emerged from her lips, echoing loudly and surrounding them, thriving like thunder.

Eden felt a strangeness inside her; she took a deep breath, trembling. Eden spun in front of Cain and stopped. She stroked his face and winked ghastly. He jumped back with a sneer.

"Don't touch me, demon!" he bellowed. Demise's eyes narrowed angrily.

"You shall be the first to die!" she roared, extending both arms, a thick darkness surrounded her and she laughed, "Prepare to meet your maker, imbecile!"

Cain gasped as the darkness flew at him.

No! I cannot let this happen! I him!

Eden jumped in front of him, extending her arms. A white light exploded from her and her deep brown eyes turned an icey blue. The roots of her auburn hair became white and streaked several strands. Eden's jeans and shirt seemed to go almost transparent as it flowed out into a long white gown. Cain gasped, his eyes wide in astonishment. The dark powers hit her and vanished. Demise growled.

"I see you've found your true self, also.. But it shall not help 're still going to die." she growled, more dark energy surfacing around her.

"Eden.." A voice whispered and it was a voice only she could hear, "Eden."

Turning around she felt herself become weak. Eden fell onto the ground and vanished from Demise and Cain's site. Demise smiled at Cain.

"Time to boy.."..

Chapter 11~

Eden awoke in a soft field of wild flowers. They danced gracefully, brushing against her. Eden stood up and turned in a complete circle.

" .where is everybody?" she asked.

" the where it leads." the angelic sounding voice echoed.

Eden turned around, seeking the voice.

"Who are you?" she asked, but didn't receive an answer.

A bright light exploded in the midst of the sky. Eden shielded her eyes, and drew closer to it. She blinked several times approaching it slowly.

" 't come on." the voice said so blissfully.

Well I suppose it can't be all I've can't be bad.

Eden walked in front of a crystal clear creek. It was beautiful. She could see her reflection perfectly. Eden touched her face. It seems she had gone through some changes herself. Suddenly the water turned a deep crimson.

"Your father's blood lingers within these waters." the voice spoke as Eden felt dizziness hit her. With a startled cry she fell.

"Don't worry, Eden.. just watch."

Dad just slightly with his speed, he ran. But what was he running from? A loud roar echoed within the realm of the silent forest and he cried out in utter terror. The night was so hid within the shadows watching the poor man run so deathly colored lips twisted so morbidly into a smile so frightening. Lula leapt into the air with so much power that it was abnormal; she landed in front of him, huge claws extracting from her fingertips.

Her long dark hair feathered over her face, her eyes flaming a bright red. Dad backed away slowly. Her mouth fell open with a thundering snarl, revealing her long bloodstained fangs.

"Lula, why are you doing this? What have you your Mother?" he cried, as he stumbled back and fell.

She walked toward him slowly, so slowly. Crawling back, his eyes showed great fear, and why wouldn't they? For he was being hunted down by a monster that his daughter had become. He shook violently as she stood over him.

"What did you do to her? The blood! I saw it! Was it her's, was it, Lula.?" he cried screaming in panic, and shaking more and more.

Lula sneered a ghastly sneer.

"It was her , was her's indeed." she growled savagely.

He lowered his head with a tearful sob. She just watched with a satisfied look upon her deathly face. Suddenly with a loud, moaning scream Lula fell to the ground in front of her Dad. Lying there she gripped her stomach and howled painfully, and animal-like. With a deep feeling of dread he began to move away, climbing to his feat. Lula raised up, her eyes glowing brighter and her voice deeper.

"Get back here!" she roared.

He let out a startled cry as he once again broke into a run. Infuriated, Lula lunged on all fours, claws extracting from her toes also. Running like some kind of rabid animal she soon caught up with him.

Lula pounced upon his back, her claws gashing into his arms and shoulders. Screaming, he managed to throw her off for one brief moment to break into another run. Enraged, she bellowed a rabid-sounding snarl and charged at him again, this time pinning him down. Without hesitation or thought she tore into him with her teeth and claws.

Eden's eyes filled with tears and she began to sob at this.

"She killed Dad!" she screamed, pounding her fist into the ground.

"She killed your mom too." the voice spoke softly in a whisper.

Eden's eyes squeezed shut and she fell upon the ground crying.

" .. oh 's where all that blood came .the door." she cried remembering the door to her parent's room.

A hand touched her shoulder, one as soft as silk, and light as a feather. She turned to see..

"Me?" Eden asked the girl that stood in front of her.

A girl stood in front of her with a long white gown, such as her own, short white hair and pale blue eyes. Her skin was soft and divine looking, such of that as an angel's. Eden just stared.

"I am you, yes.I descend to you such as Demise descended to Lula. Her other side, and now your other side." she smiled, "But now is not the time to must become the Angel and defeat her.. now."

Eden blinked.

"But how? How do I do that?"

She smiled.

"Take my hands." She said extending them.

Eden took them. A bright light exploded around them enveloping. She closed her eyes, fearing she'd see something awful, or nightmarish as she had before. When she opened them the light was gone and so was the Angel. Eden looked in the creek. She was the Angel now. Her hair soft and divinely white, her eyes so blue they almost seemed to glow. Her body was strong and full of holy powers. Eden clinched her fists, a holy white light surrounded her and she disappeared, hoping and praying that Cain was all right.

Chapter 12~

Demise had changed. Oh, she had. Her hair now completely black, her eyes completely crimson and glowing brightly like two balls of fire, her lips black also. Demise's skin had turned much paler, and her flowing gown had turned into a tight fitting black dress that came just above her knee. Her ears had grown pointed and were on top of her head like a cat's with black fur on them to match her hair. Demise's teeth had gotten longer and sharper and there were several more surprises too. She awaited her sister's return..

"Demise, let me go!" Cain cried in fear and drained anger.

He was pinned against the wall by Demise's huge extracted claws. He had been chased inside the town hospital by her. She sneered at him, a greenish liquid dripping from her black lips. Demise traced a claw across his throat, making him shudder and twitch. She laughed wickedly.

"Stop right there!" A divine voice echoed like thunder.

They both turned to see Eden, transformed.

"Angel." Demise growled, letting Cain fall to the floor.

She approached stealthily, her black cat-like ears flattening against her ebony hair. Her eyes glowed blood red and she sneered evilly, baring her huge fangs. She would be difficult to defeat, Eden could see. But she would not give up, oh no, she would not.

"Well, ." she growled.

Eden just stared, not a trace of emotion showing on her face.

"Demise." she sneered back.

Cain tilted his head.

"Oh great, Now she's done changed her name too!" he exclaimed.

Both the demon and the angel turned to him with a sneer. He hunkered down, with a chuckle.

"This just keeps getting better and better, huh."

Eden, now Angel, glared at Demise and let out a sigh, shaking her head. Her holy, white hair fell over her divine face. Demise just watched.

"What's wrong, getting scared? Ready to back down, you can anytime." she smirked.

Angel shook her head.

"No." she said dropping both arms to her side and clinching her fists.

A holy white light exploded around her and her hair blew madly, her gown flowing back. Demise laughed.

"Impressive, but let's see if you can do this." She said, doing a back flip and landing upon the wall on all fours.

Her claws dug into the concrete and she climbed onto the ceiling. Angel turned in a complete circle, looking up. With a mad snarl, Demise leapt down, off the ceiling and heading for her. Angel ducked, rolling away. Landing onto her feet, she turned to her. Demise growled savagely, running at her still on all fours.

"Don't you learn?" Angel muttered leaping into the air and flipping forward, right over her.

Demise stopped just in front of the wall. She turned to face her sister, panting animal-like, her ears flared back. Demise growled lowly, and dangerously. Her eyes burning furiously like an untamable fire. Throwing her arms to her side, Demise's claws broke into the concrete as she stood up. With a ghastly snarl, her mouth fell open abnormally wide, revealing the huge fangs. Her tongue shot out like a whip. Wide-eyed Angel jumped to dodge it. Demise's tongue went shattering into the concrete, little spikes sticking out of it, and a green liquid dripping off it. As the green liquid fell to the floor, a soft pillow of smoke evaporated off it and the liquid burned into the floor like acid.

Angel's eyes were wide in shock. Never in all her life had she seen something so disgusting so nasty happen. Demise turned to her again flicking her tongue out at her. This time it didn't miss, and Angel was shocked by the pain the spikes and acid afflicted. Holding what was left of her right arm, Angel screamed out in pure agony. Demise came closer, smiling sickly.

"You see, Angel, you cannot defeat one can and you and your stupid little boyfriend are going to die." Her smirk grew wider.

Angel crawled away, her eyes huge, but Demise stood over her to where she couldn't go any further.

"Say goodnight." She growled raising her claws to Angel's face.

"Noooooo!" Cain screamed..

Chapter 13~

Angel dodged Demise's claws. They broke into the wall, and she rolled away, her arm healing and returning to normal. She shot Demise a glare as she stood up. Dusting herself off she pointed an accusing finger at her.

"It's your turn now." She said with no emotion.

Demise chuckled to herself.

"Are you sure about if you do that. Then.-, Demise disappeared, reappearing behind Cain," Your little boyfriend gets you really want that, Angel?" she growled, her eyes burning with pleasure. Demise's claws went across Cain's throat and he gulped, his eyes wide in utter terror.

"Angel, you are help me!" he cried his voice hoarse.

Demise leaned close to Cain's ear.

"There is no 're mine now." She growled, slicing her claws across his throat. They ripped into the soft flesh so easily, blood pouring out, as Cain's head slid off and fell to the floor. The utter torment of pain and agony frozen in his now dead, gaze less eyes. Angel's eyes widened.

"Cain! Noooooo!" she screamed, falling against the wall, and sliding down. Closing her eyes, she beat her fist into the floor making a huge hole. Tears sparkled like glittering rain as they ran down her angelic face.

" no." she wept.

Demise smirked, watching this in amusement.

"He's dead, and there's not a thing you can do." she laughed loudly, throwing her head back.

Wiping her face, Angel looked up with her eyes. They narrowed into a dangerous glare, glowing coldly. Without speaking, Angel rose to her feet. A holy light engulfed her and huge white angelic wings erupted out of her back. Demise smirked.

"Come on, Angel, give me your best shot. I'm no longer your sister, but your nemesis." She said coldly, no longer smiling..

Chapter 14~

Angel's eyes never left Demise's. They both glared into each other's gaze.

"Time to die." Demise sneered, lunging at Angel, and pinning her against the wall.

Her claws bit into Angel's shoulders, and she cried out in pain. Demise sneered, her eyes sparkling happily with sure pleasure. They went into her flesh harder, and Angel screamed loudly.

"Ah, yes. I love that sound, the sound of your pain!" she grinned psychotically, her eyes narrowing with delight.

Angel struggled to get free, her face filled with pain. For, each time she struggled the claws bit deeper into her shoulders. Angel cried out loudly, as she sunk to her knees. Demise let her fall, watching her practically wither like a dying flower. Her hair fell over her face as her eyes filled with pain.

I'm gosh.I'm not going to win.I'm going to die.

Demise smirked.

"Yes, you are going to die."

Angel gasped.

"How.. how?"

Demise took a step back, and lowered her head. Her hair fell over her face. Angel could see the glowing redness of her eyes through several strands of ebony hair.

"Another surprise for you.", she smiled, " I've been reading your thoughts this whole time, Angel."

Angel's mouth fell open. Demise extended her hand in front of her. Her hair began to blow back madly and her eyes intensified. Angel began to back away toward the hospital door. Demise glanced at a plaque on the wall. It ripped off and hurled itself at her. Angel dropped to the floor, the plaque hitting the wall. It shattered noisily.

She's unbelievable! There's got to be something I can do.

Angel crawled to her feet, and took a step back hitting her back against the wall. Demise came closer.

"There's not a thing you can do.I am your you will die."

She shook her head. There had to be something. Had to be! Concentrating hard she flapped her angelic wings and rose into the air. Finally, t' was getting somewhere. Demise flexed her claws, eyeing her wings. Hunkering down onto all fours, Demise pounced up her claws extracted and ready to rip. Angel concentrated still. As Demise reached a glow engulfed her and she disappeared from there and reappeared behind her. Unable to stop in mid- air Demise hit the wall with a sickening crack. She fell onto the floor, motionless..

"Demise.?" Angel sneered, lowering to her feet.

She approached warily. Still no movement, there was only the sound of her raspy breathing. Stopping just inches from her, Angel extended both arms and another holy light circled her. She would most likely need protection. Demise's eyes popped open, and she listened. Listened carefully for her sister's thoughts and movements. Demise smirked as she lay there so still, so silent. As Angel drew near Demise threw her leg up, trying to slice her open with her toe-claws. But the holy shield protected her. Enraged She flipped over, landing onto her feet. Throwing herself at her she swung her arms trying to claw again, but still the shield protected. Angel smiled as she saw her demonic sister panting, breathlessly. A silverish glow escaped the white shield of light and sent Demise flying back into the wall. Her head snapped back and she let out a pained groan as she began to pass through her head as she tried to get up, blood dripping from her mouth. Her eyes glowed slightly dimmer having a dull look to them.

.betrayal of family and life.I did of this.

Shaking her head madly she snarled rabidly, flickering her tongue out at Angel. With a mighty back flip Angel dodged it once again. Landing she extended her arm and clinched her fist. Demise felt a closing in her throat. Choking she clawed at the air. Angel raised her arm up higher, and Demise was lifted off the ground. She clinched her fist tighter and Demise's eyes rolled up into her head as she gasped, trying so desperately to breathe.

"This is your demon." Angel growled as she held up her other hand. A white light radiated around it. Shooting out like some holy laser beam it hit Demise in the chest, going through it. Blood splattered on the walls. Demise's eyes bulged out as she still tried to breathe. Finally Angel let her drop. She knew her sister could no longer save herself..

" . . .this least." she gasped, falling over, "But someday I will kill .day.." Her eyes rolled up into her head and she lay .not a breathe, not a worry nor pain, not a life.

Realizing this Angel began to cry. Sob, actually. She fell over her sister's body and cried, cradling it.

"Everyone I love is dead! no one.I hate this!" she bellowed into the was all she .she would ever have..

Chapter 15~

Angel let go of her cold dead sister and looked upon her to see she was normal. The ebony hair had turned back its natural auburn, the eyes their normal brown. Her claws were average sized nails and her teeth normal too. She no longer had cat ears and her lips were red.

"Lula." she wept holding her close to her.

Her eyes turned to the bloody remains of Cain. Angel gasped loudly.

"Cain.I. I love you." she cried letting go of Lula and falling over onto the hospital floor, "I.. I wish everything was back to normal.I want my life .Cain." she cried bitterly, oh so bitterly.

"You can have it back." Demise's voice echoed. Angel whipped up quick. She looked to see Lula still dead on the ground and Demise's spirit or demon in front of her. Angel wiped her eyes, "Why should I believe you?"

Demise sneered.

"Don't if you give up your powers.. And only if you do then what you wish will be . 'd never Ever get them back. Even if Lula awoken again.. Are you sure about this?" she asked eyeing her.

She nodded.

"Yes, I give my powers for my my Cain."

She nodded.

"Very choice." She said and disappeared. A white glow escaped from Angel and she fell over..

"I can't believe you would give this all up for me." Lula smiled at her sister.

Eden smiled back.

"I'd sacrifice myself if I had to."

Lula shook her head.

"Please don' thank you, thank you so much.I wasn't ready to .I was scared."

Eden embraced her sister.

"It's okay, don't worry about it. You're safe now, and you're going to be safe from now on." She smiled.

Lula smiled back.

"Thank you, Eden.".

" .wake up." A familiar voice called.

Eden felt a light hand shake her. She looked up and gasped.

"Nikki! It. it's you!" she cried and embraced her friend. Nikki raised an eyebrow.

"Some dream, eh?" she laughed.

Eden turned to look in the mirror. She touched her face; it was normal. She was normal. Ah, it was was turned quickly around, running out the door. Nikki ran after her.

"Where are you going?" she called looking worried.

Eden turned back around with a grin.

"I have to check on something." She said and ran.

Nikki shook her head walking back inside.

"That girl has lost it." She laughed.

Not watching where she was going Eden ran right smack into someone and fell backwards, landing hard. She let out a startled cry as the person turned around. Eden's eyes filled with love and happiness as she leapt up.

"Cain! my gosh!" she cried embracing him tightly.

When she let go, he smiled his blue eyes sparkling.

" least someone cares." he grinned putting his arm around her.

Eden fell into his arms with a dreamful sigh.

"I love you, Cain.I really do." She whispered.

His eyes widened, and he seemed to melt all over.

"Oh, Eden.I love you too!" he said and they kissed..

Eden walked to the house. Everything looked normal. She poked her head inside.

"Eden, you're home early." Mom said with a smile.

Her eyes sparkled as she smiled.

"Just wanted to spend time with you."

Dad exchanged looks with Mom.

"Where's Lula?" She asked.

"In her room." Dad replied.

Eden ran up the stairs happily. She hesitated in front of her door for a moment.

She's still part still tried and almost killed if she'll ever do it again.

Eden shook her head and opened the door. Lula looked up from her TV. She was playing a playstation game. Eden and her exchanged smiles.

"Shall I join you?" Eden asked.

Lula smiled.

"Sure!" she said and handed her sister a controller.

Eden smiled blissfully. It was was finally over.

~The End~