~The Spirit Within~

In hopes of getting free.

In hopes of finding a way. Outside reality. Outside humanity. Where I find myself.

Chapter 1~

Luna ran breathlessly down the white halls, Her long auburn hair billowing behind her pale figure like untamable flames. The halls seemed to stretch endlessly as she ran forth. Her brown eyes were bloodshot and weary. Tripping suddenly, she stumbled and fell on her face. Shaking her head she crawled up and broke into another run. Sweat drenched her pale face and the long white hospital-like robe she was wearing.

"There she is!" one of the men in lab coats growled, the others followed close behind him.

Luna whipped around, her eyes wide.

"Don't come any closer! leave me alone! .Okay." she cried her hands outstretched in front of her as she backed away.

Luna's back hit against the wall, and she gasped finding herself trapped. The men cornered her smiling cruelly. Luna let out a growl, lunging at them and trying to get by.

"No, 're our prized specimen." Another man said grabbing her wrist.

"Get the tranquilizer!" a woman shouted.

" ! No!" Luna screamed, fighting to get away.

But she was shoved against the wall thrashing with all her might. The tranquilizer gun was aimed at her, and before she could scream again she was shot in the throat. Her eyes bulged out in pain as she let out a gurgled choke. The lab people backed away and Luna staggered into a run. Laughing was heard as she was shot again with the tranquilizer. Stumbling forward she screamed with pain. Tears stinging her big brown eyes.

"You wont get far, you little freak!" the woman laughed.

Luna staggered to the side and hit the ground just before her eyes rolled up into her head and she went into a deep sleep.

Callisto watched from the low branch of a tree, outside the window. She shook her head, closing her radiant green eyes. It was wrong what those horrid people were doing to that poor girl. Jumping down, Callisto landed on all fours like a cat. Rising to her feet she broke into a run. Her hair was black and put up in a bun with two thick strands down in the front. She wore an orange tank top and black pants. She ran abnormally. It was odd to see a human run so fast. Callisto stopped just in front of a tree.

"It's me, guys, please lower the ladder." She said.

The ladder came flying down, almost hitting Callisto in the head. She shot Dante a glare as she climbed up into the rather large tree house. Callisto sighed, shaking her head.

"We really need a new meeting place, I'm getting too old for this." Said the twenty-five year old Woman.

Dante laughed, his brown eyes sparkling, and his dark brown spikes falling over one eye. He wore baggy camouflaged pants and a long baggy black shirt. Dante was twenty-two. There was one more to the group, but he was new and hardly talked. His name was Ravyn and he was the youngest of the group. He had blond hair that fell over his face and dark blue eyes. He was eighteen, and wore baggy black pants and a baggy black shirt.

"Alright, listen up." Callisto said, folding her arms and standing elegantly.

Ravyn gazed up with a glare, and Dante shut up.

"Yeah, so what's this about?" he asked.

She smiled.

"I'm glad you asked that, now shut up and listen. I found girl, Luna. The one that's suppose to be like us." She said her eyes wide.

Ravyn chuckled to himself.

"You mean, another cursed one?" he asked in a deep, gloomy tone.

Dante sneered.

"Nobody asked you to be a part of this, if you don't like it than leave." he glared.

Ravyn just laughed.

"Enough! You men are so immature sometimes." Callisto folded her arms and shook her head, " She's in the Lab, and they're going to do research on her."

Dante's eyes widen.

"But they can't! The identity of the weres would be unleashed!" he exclaimed.

She nodded.

"Yes, us shapeshifters must stick together, we have to rescue her." She said.

Ravyn shook his head, getting up.

"Well, that's like 're on your own with this one." he sneered.

Dante raised an eyebrow.

"Suicide?" he asked.

Callisto shook her head.

"What are you saying, Ravyn?"

Without looking at them he began to speak.

"Their security is amazing. They have no heart; they will cage you up like an animal and never let you free! Believe me.I too well." he said avoiding their gaze.

Again, she shook her head.

"We have to will be caged like you 's so 's just know the place, .say you'll help us." She said urging him with her luminous green eyes.

Ravyn shook his head, jumping out of the tree house. He landed on his feet, shielding his eyes from the setting sun. He gazed up at them, shaking his head as he left. Callisto exchanged glances with Dante. She shook her head, jumping out too and landing gracefully. Callisto glanced back up at Dante.

"Well come on, we have to save her. Even if we don't have Ravyn." she frowned.

"Right" Dante said jumping down and landing beside her..