Everyone Hates Me
Night Breeze

Everyone hates me and I don't know why,
The sky is falling and I want to cry,
I feel like I'm pulled in more than one direction,
Every thing I do or say is under inspection,
When will it end? What am I doing wrong?
My only comfort now, rests in the lyrics of a song.

So intangible, nothing to grasp,
When was it when I had that memory lapse?
That changed me so, that made things crack,
Its like I'm always pressured and under attack,
Am I really incapable of doing the right thing?
It's taken over my life, like a drug, eroding within.

Sometimes I believe I do understand,
Why life is falling through my hands like sand,
As the tears now stream down my cheeks,
I scrawl my feelings into a journal for safe keeps,
Is this helping? A little, not much,
Will I ever finally stop feeling that I'm always in a rush?

{January 16, 2003}