The Silver Moon Tavern

Chapter 1

She sat in the middle of the darkened Tavern on her own. Idly turning her mug of root beer around in her hands watching the foam and bubbles with glazed over eyes, not really focusing on anything in particular. The bubbles danced around the dark, reddish - brown liquid seeming to play hide and seek amongst the foam. It's amazing how intoxicating watching root beer bubbles can be! After a while, she dragged her eyes away from her mug and looked at her watch and sighed deeply.

"They did it again", she muttered as she sat back in her chair and scanned the room looking for nothing in particular. Her eyes settled on a man and a woman sitting two tables away. The woman looked a little nervous as the man seemed to be coming onto her. His hand seemed to be traveling further up the women's leg as he spoke. She smiled watching them.

"If I was her I would have punched that fool already!" she thought as she smiled again. Looking at his pathetic style, his disheveled clothing, and unkempt hair. That man certainly could be doing better! The woman clearly seemed unimpressed as she tried to retaliate against the man's forward advance up her leg! She shook her head grinning; and her eyes started gliding around the room again.

Her eyes then fell upon a nicely dressed man chatting with the bartender. He was wearing a well-pressed shirt, a loosened tie, black pants and nice shoes. His hair was slicked back with gel and his sunglasses rested prominently upon his head, the dark sunglasses contrasting with his dusty light - brown hair. She had an eye for detail, and noticed all this with a single glance. This man and the bartender seemed to know each other well as they talked, exchanged laughs, and patted each other on the back a few times.

She looked back at her watch. It was nearly half past eight in the evening. Her friends were supposed to be there by eight. She rolled her eyes letting out another sigh. She decided that if her friends didn't show up by the time she finished her root beer she would just leave. She thought about leaving a little note with the bartender to let them know she was there. It started to annoy her at how relaxed her friends seemed to be with the concept of time-more so with the concept of keeping an appointment. A planned get-together should be honored just as much as a date or a meeting. She watched the large screens above the bar for a few minutes. A crowd of people suddenly erupted into laughter at a table behind her; she turned around to look at what was going on. One of the girls nearly fell off her stool, as she was laughing so hard. "It's nice to see friends having a good time together," she thought.

Friends... The soft features of her face tightened as she remembered. "Friends. Ha! Some friends I have!" she thought to herself as she spun around and her hands unconsciously reached out and gripped the mug. She looked at what was left of her root beer and tightened her grip around the mug. Then in one swift movement, she picked up the mug and downed the remaining contents in one gulp. Licking her lips, she noisily returned the glass to the tabletop and began to search her bag for her car keys.

As she was searching, she felt the unexpected presence of someone standing next to her. She looked up, her honey/hazel eyes meeting his green ones. It was the nicely dressed man who was talking to the bartender.

"Hi there," he smiled as she looked up startled. "Oh, pardon me. I didn't mean to startle you," he smiled warmly again, then he went on, "I've noticed you sitting here on your own and you seem a little melancholy," he paused, looking at her, he then continued, "Allow me to. uhh. but .oh dear! Where are my manners! I'm sorry, my name is Brian," he smiled sheepishly then continued again, "Um, as I was saying, would you let me buy you another drink, hopefully it'll help lift your spirits." He thought about what he just said and then added with a chuckle, "Oh, no pun intended!"

She smiled, "That's very kind of you. uh, Brian. But, uh, I don't really drink, I was having a root beer, I was just waiting for some friends," she grinned, then quickly continued, "It's funny how they can't think of anywhere else to meet in this big city but a pub. So that's why I'm here," she said, trying to explain what on earth she was doing in a pub when she really didn't drink.

"Ah, I see. Well how 'bout I get you. another root beer, and maybe I can help cheer you up?" he persisted, hoping she would say yes. He never liked seeing people down, even strangers. He always tried his best to cheer people up and make people happy. Besides, this particular stranger struck him as being someone who seemed really nice and sweet, and he wondered what might have caused her to feel the way she did. He wanted to try and make everything right again, if he could.

"Well." she started to say when suddenly someone, obviously rather tipsy, bumped into her from behind. Upon seeing her he said, "Aye indeed 'tis mah luckay dayh! Hows ya been love? Yer lookin' smashing tonight!" and he pulled her in and gave her a sloppy wet kiss. He did it so fast she hadn't the time to push him back. He then released her and spun round about to walk off somewhere else.

"Do, uh, you know that fellow?" asked Brian cautiously.

She looked wide-eyed at Brian in shock and disgust at what just happened, "Oh my God! Wha. what the heck?! Oh my God! Aurgh!"

"You don't need to answer that, I thought not!" he stood up with an irritated and angry look in his eyes. In two strides he was at that man's side. He grabbed his shoulders and spun him around and gave him an angry look.

"Wot do youuu want?" said the half-surprised, half-annoyed man has he swept Brian's hands off of him.

"How dare you act like that?! Your actions are deplorable! Have you any manners? Obviously not! You do NOT just walk around here and grab who ever you please. Especially not a sweet and nice lady like apologize at once. or else!" growled Brian, yet keeping his voice low enough so as not to disturb the people around him, but strong and forceful enough to get his message across to that block-head.

Astonished at what he was hearing, the man retaliated by trying to punch Brian. However Brian swiftly moved out the way and punched him back in return, "Take him away!" Brian yelled as two well-built, large men, quickly appeared and escorted the man out the back door and dealt with him.