Chapter 3

The next morning Jennifer awoke to the sensation of a warm furry body moving around slightly on her bare stomach. She lifted her head and came nose to nose with a furry face with sparkling blue eyes!

"Tigger! Aww you've come to snuggle up next to me, have ya?" she whispered gently to her tabby cat as she pet him. In the process of settling down on her stomach, Tigger had managed to push the fabric of her shirt up slightly. He now proceeded to push his little nose under the fabric and playfully pawed at her stomach.

"Eeeek!" she yelped as the cold little nose of her cat touched her warm body. "Hey! Whoa there you lil rascal, and just where do you think YOU'RE going?!" she laughed as she pulled her cat out from under her shirt. "This is no time for exploring!" she giggled. Tigger just looked at her quizzically tilting his head and let out a little meow. "Aww! You cute adorable lil puddy tat!" she cooed playfully at him as she sat up, and cuddled with him causing him to start purring. She looked at the clock on the bedside table and noticed that it was early yet. So she decided to cozy in bed a little longer. She gave Tigger one last cuddle then put him back on the ground and rolled over on her stomach and dozed off.

When she woke up again, she found Tigger sleeping beside her. He was snuggling up next to her teddy bear. "How cute!" she thought. She wondered how Tigger managed to keep from getting squashed, as she tends to roll around! She smiled lovingly at him and left him sleeping as she crept out of bed and made her way to the kitchen for some breakfast. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Not a cloud in the sky and a gentle breeze was blowing, rustling the treetops. She gazed out of the window into her garden as she sipped her glass of milk and ate her cheese filled croissant.

Soon Tigger padded sleepily into the kitchen. Jennifer poured some milk for him and gave him some dried cat food. Tigger lapped at the milk hungrily and ate all his food up pretty quickly. Then he padded over to where she was sitting and sat down on the kitchen floor and proceeded to lick his paws clean.

"That was quick! If you keep that up you'll eat me out of house and home!" she teased. Tigger ignored her and kept licking himself. She grinned and leaned down and poked him in the stomach playfully. "Yep, you're definitely getting plump!" she said to Tigger with a laugh. Tigger didn't think it was very funny as he tried to grab her finger with is mouth and paws. "Na uhh! Oh no you don't, you silly little Tiggie you!" she said as she jerked her finger away quickly.

When she was done with breakfast she cleared everything away and let Tigger out to play in the garden. She then headed to the sitting room, flipped on the television and flopped down on the couch. She decided to take it easy today. It had been a long night, not to mention a long week, too. All she needed was some relaxation. As she was flipping the channels she found her favorite show. "I Love Lucy". She loved comedies. Today was a special, and they were having an "I Love Lucy Marathon." So she snuggled down on the couch to watch.

As she was watching television the doorbell rang. She grabbed her robe from her bedroom and rushed to answer the door.

"Hello dear, I hope I didn't wake you up?"

"Not at all Mrs. Kensington, I was up. Just lounging around the house. Please come in," she said as she stepped aside to let her neighbor in. She led Mrs. Kensington to the sitting room, put off the television and sat down next to her. "Is everything alright? Is there anything I can do for you Mrs. Kensington?" she asked concerned. Jennifer knew that Mrs. Kensington never just popped in unless something was the matter. She always rang before coming.

"I'm sorry to bother you dear, but I know there is no one else I can count on to help me out but you, Jennifer dear."

"Of course, anytime! I'm always here for you and Mr. Kensington, always. You are never a bother, you know that!" she said sincerely, as she patted Mrs. Kensington's hand and smiled at her reassuringly.

"Bless you, dear. You're such an angel."

"Thank you, it's my pleasure. By the way, could I get you anything to drink? Could I make you a cup of tea, perhaps?" asked Jennifer.

"Oh, no thank you dear, I'm actually in a hurry. You see Calvin received a phone call from his oncology doctor this morning and the doctor said that the new procedure they want to try out is ready earlier than they had thought. Which is great! They had an opening today and if we leave right now we'd be able to make the appointment. However we're expecting a delivery today - more of Calvin's meds. We won't be home to receive it and it can't be left outside. Would you please collect it and put it in our refrigerator for us? I would greatly appreciate it, dear."

"Certainly Mrs. Kensington. I'd be most happy to do that for you. I sure hope the new procedure works out for Mr. Kensington."

"Thank you so much! Heaven knows what I would do without you, dear! And goodness yes, I hope it helps, too." said Mrs. Kensington.

"Anytime. What time do you expect the package to arrive?" asked Jennifer.

"Hopefully some time before noon, at least that's what the company told us."

"Alrighty, that's fine. I'll make sure to keep an eye out for it."

"Oh thank you. Thank you so much! Now I must be going." Mrs. Kensington got up and gave Jennifer a big hug and held her hand as they walked towards the door. "Goodbye dear! Take care of yourself!" said Mrs. Kensington as she waved goodbye.

"Goodbye! You too! Give Mr. Kensington my best."

"Will do! Ta-ta!" said Mrs. Kensington, as she got into her car and drove Mr. Kensington to the hospital.

"I hope he gets better soon," she said to herself as she watched the car disappear down the road. She went inside and decided to finally get dressed so she could be ready to collect the package as soon as it arrived.