She heard his voice in her ear. It sounded so good. Molly had missed him so bad, no matter how much she tried to convince herself she didn't.

"William, I… how did you know I was back?"

"I had a feeling." He responded. His voice sounded different somehow. It was his, but it sounded… different.

"I'm sorry." Molly apologized, not really for one specific reason.

"No, I am. But Molly,"

"Yes?" Molly asked, anticipating his every word; almost scared of what he'd say next.

"Just remember, I'll always love you."

At that, Molly heard nothing but the dial tone. Fear starting to rise up inside of her, without a second thought she shot up from the bed, slipping her shoes on and running out of her apartment in a frenzy.

Going down the stairs two at a time, she finally reached the sidewalk, taking off at a run down the sidewalk, Molly didn't stop as she ran towards Williams house. Now dark, the sidewalks were just lit up by the streetlights that lined them. Feeling tears fall from her eyes as she ran, she knew for sure know that something was wrong. Sprinting across crosswalks, cars halting and beeping at her as she ran past them, just barely getting hit, they didn't faze her. Turning a corner to William's neighborhood, Molly ran past the white fences until she reached his house. Running up the driveway she turned the doorknob franticly. Going into the house she walked over to his bedroom door, finding it locked.

"WILLIAM, LET ME IN!" Molly shouted, her voice shaky already. She got no response. Frustrated, upset, and frankly frightened, she did the only thing she could think of at the time. Kicking the door as hard as she could, it seemed to give a little. Not being the sturdiest piece of wood ever, Molly kicked it again; and again, and again. Starting to get tired, she kicked it one last time as hard as she could. It finally burst open. Panting, Molly took a few steps into the room. It was still cluttered, and she didn't see William around anywhere. Walking across the room, she noticed the door to his bathroom opened a little. Pausing in front of it, contemplating weather to open it or not, she finally pushed it open some. Taking a few steps into the small bathroom, she looked down at the floor to see William's bandages from his wrists lying on the floor. A few sheets of paper lie scattered across the floor as well. Looking from the floor to the bathtub, the moment her eyes met it, she dropped down onto her knees. Covering her face with her hands, her tears ran rapidly down her face; William lie in a pool of his own blood in the bathtub. Still sobbing, Molly crawled on her knees to the side of the bathtub and leaned over it. Shaking William gently by the shoulders as tears dripped onto his expressionless face.

"William? P-please wake up." Molly begged, but his body didn't move. Shaking, Molly reached down by his side, taking hold of his arm and looking at his wrist. They were cut. Just as before, but much deeper this time; Molly let his arm lay back on his stomach, letting her face rest in her hands. He wasn't waking up this time.

Sobbing into her hands, Molly began to mutter, "Bastard… you promised. You promised me…"

Trying to wipe away some of her tears, but more falling behind them, Molly turned around. Holding William underneath his shoulders, she drug his limp, bloody body from the bathtub onto the bathroom floor. Her clothes now coated in William's blood, she laid his head in her lap; stroking his black hair as she continued to cry uncontrollably.

"Why couldn't you have just waited?" Molly asked the dead boy in her lap.

"Things could've gotten better, I promise. I-I promise." Pulling his limp body close to hers, she cradled his body as her tears dripped onto his black hair. Taking in his scent, Molly's head flooded with memories.

"I mean, you backed me up, so I'm happy." Molly smiled as tears continued to drip from her eyes. William's brown eyes stared into hers before closing the distance between them in his car, French kissing her gently.

"You're lucky to be alive." Molly told William as he lay in a hospital bed in front of her.

"Can you promise me you won't do something like that again?" She asked, but he didn't respond.

"Please?" Her eyes began to water.

Seeing him nod, Molly believed him.

"Maybe I'll teach you sometime."



"Pinky swears!" Molly felt William's finger wrap around her own, promising he'd teach her to play guitar one day.

"I've never done this before…" Molly told the boy who was leaning over top of her.

"It's okay. Neither have I." William spoke, kissing her neck gently.

"I love you." She heard him whisper into her ear after making love to her. It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever heard.

Gently laying his head on the bathroom floor, Molly stood up and walked from the bathroom. Crying hard after remember everything, searching for a telephone. Finding one buried underneath some trash, she picked it up, dialing 911.

"Hello… I… I just found my friend… and h-he…" her lip quivered, "he's dead."