Soul Divided
"I've found sometimes it's easy to be yourself. I've found sometimes it's better to be somebody else." -DMB; So Much To Say

She keeps herself in check
Sorting through emotions like coins
One part bright
The other part dark
She confides behind her mask of fear
Warmth fills her
Kisses upon her cheek
Warps around her in soft embraces
And strokes her hair until there is no more pain at all
These are fuw, but she holds them tightly
Afraid to let them out of sight
Though still, they wander off quickly
In their place, the Blackness comes
Binding its tight fingers around her tiny heart
Driving its way straight through
Ripping at her hope
Until it is nothing but shreds
She cries, but there are few to share it with
nd it seems when she reaches for them
THey are just out of her grasp
She weeps alone
Afraid to step into the sun
She uses her mask to appear brave
Though forever her true self may be lost
She prays for better, impossible days
It is difficult to sort through the peices of a divided soul.