Hear my words
Hear my plea
Prince of darkness
Return to me

You wove your spell
You did your part
Leaving me with naught
But a broken heart

Prince of night
Prince of fear
Turn and look
In the mirror

Are you proud?
Were you right?
Of which you did
This frightful night

You took my blood
You took my life
Come back to my world
And end my endless strife

In your wowing
For my blood
You wooed my heart
And mired in my hearts mud

And in a twist
A flaw I'm sure
That clings tight
Like a burr

You left me alone
You left me breathing
So now I am by myself
Left only grieving

Though you thought
To take my breath
So you'd stay standing
Whilst I lay in death

Well you lost
You failed to see
That your heart of frost
Belongs to me

So it wasn't
I think it was naught
Fate that had you
Go cold at the thought

Of a life without me
But instead your heart
Decided that it shalln't
Let us part

In your confusion
In your rage
You left my heart
In your cage

Now I'm left
All alone
To hope for days
When I won't moan

Hear my words
Hear my plea
Prince of darkness
Return to me

But maybe I still hope
That in you dark despair
You will come back
And with a great flair

You well come
You well know you shouldn't flee
When you understand
Not to every be scared of me

Nor the love we share
Nor the feelings inside
Please understand
That you can never hide

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