Insanity Perceives
"My Head Won't Leave My Head Alone, and I don't believe it will, 'Till I'm dead and Gone." -DMB; Rhyme & Reason

Sometimes I think it would be really funny if I died while you were mad at me
At my funeral your face probably wouldn't be there to see
Oh well, because you couldn't care less about me, right?
I know that isn't true, I just enjoy the reaction in your eyes.
Not that I can see it, because you won't raise your face to mine.
You seem to think I'm evil, and that's just fine.
'Cause as long as you're gonna ridicule me and avoid the blame
I might as well eternally shut up, you'd hate me just the same
Wouldn't you like to see my corpse in a casket?
I've got a question for you, but I'm afraid to ask it.
I love the joy of torturing myself with words.
A knife in my skin is something I can hardly afford.
But wouldn't you know I'd rather be dead.
Wonder how that would settle in your head
'Cause I know you're not as strong as you try to appear to be
Still, compared to the world, even more I'm weak.
Ready to die, waiting with open arms
Ain't that f-ed up how I'm willing to cause all that harm?
And you go ahead and hold your grudge against me
I still think it'd be funny if I died while you were angry.