Warm and soft,

Like a summer's day,

Your arms around me,

Keep the monsters away.

I don't ever,

Want you to let go,

I need you here,

To stop me from falling below.

What would I do,

Without you to be here?

I would be nothing,

But a single tear.

Crying because,

I've dropped from your life,

You made me live,

Brought me away from a knife.

I know that I should,

Stop leaning on you.

But it's so hard to stop,

Like the morning dew.

You are my support,

My sturdy rock,

My resting place,

In a world to talk.

I need you now,

To bring me into the light,

Chase away the shadows,

That come with the night.

That way I can,

Become what I mean,

I always knew,

I was meant to be seen.