It was the Valentine's Day Dance. The entire gym was completely transformed with sappy red and pink hearts and chubby cherubic angels with golden bows and arrows decorating its walls. Fluffy white feathers and shimmering, shining balls hung from the top of the ceiling. The atmosphere was soft, relaxing and romantic and he felt as if he had stepped into a veritable fairyland. Into a wonderful, dreamy fairyland, with his angel by his side.

She was stunningly beautiful. He could barely register the hundreds of twinkling lights or the lavish spread of food on top of the elegant tables or the loving couples slow dancing in the center of the dance floor. His gaze was firmly fixed on her, as it had been since the moment he had seen her when he had fetched her from her home.

Two words, one girl: absolutely fabulous.

When she greeted him at the door, he felt like he had been punched in the stomach. He had seen her so often in his life. And he had been aware of her subtle beauty for what seemed like forever.

But that night, he truly saw her for the first time.

The way her hair brushed lightly against her shoulders made his fingers itch to reach out and touch her soft curls and her smooth, ivory skin. And when he looked into the depths of her warm hazel eyes, he felt like he was tumbling headfirst into a pool of sizzling hot lava.

He didn't know when it happened. But it was then that he finally came to terms with his feelings about her. He had been afraid of his emotions. They were too strong and too protective of late. He was doing things for her that he would have never done for anyone else. He had to break free from the bonds of love! Love was something that made a man weak, made one loose his goals in life and cause a load of restrictions. He didn't need that. Not at all. He had told himself again and again that he didn't love her, that he was only pretending. But that night, he knew with a deep certainty and understanding that he truly was in love with her and he didn't want to lose her.


Amanda de Mayo hurried across the parking lot of the huge shopping mall, her heart pounding horribly in her throat. "Maybe I'm just late," she told herself desperately. "I have to be late."

Nervously, she entered the store, the cool air of the air-conditioner rushing over her. The coolness did nothing to calm her nerves, and she wiped off the sweat of her hands on her jeans. A strange, sickening feeling clenched her stomach tightly. She scanned the shelves of the store carefully and scrutinized the goods of the store in frustration. Where was it? She walked the aisle and searched for it. Then she saw it.

"It couldn't have happened," she thought fiercely as she grabbed it of the shelf. Marching determinedly to the counter to pay up, she couldn't help but pray, "Please don't let it happen . . ."


Keira clutched the envelope tightly to her chest. "Please let it happen," She prayed desperately. Her heart was thumping rapidly against her rib cage and her stomach was churning like a washing machine gone high. Weakly she sent down on the chair and contemplated whether she should open it now. With her trembling hands, she ripped open the envelope and extracted the contents of the envelope. She straightened out the folded papers and scanned the letter. The letter was long and wordy but all she noticed was "you have been selected as a Junior Counselor in the Camp Cherokee . . ."

She let out a shrill cry of excitement as elation overwhelmed her. She could scarcely breathe. To think that she had been accepted for her dream job! That was more than she could ever ask for! A soft, pink and fluffy cloud seemed to cloak her with happiness and for the first time in months, a wide genuine smile crossed her lips. Blissfully, she settled down to read the entire letter before rushing off to call Amanda.


Caleb's eyes focused on the road, his hands tightly gripping the stirring wheel. A huge green sign loomed at the side of the road. And printed in bold white words: Sydney International Airport. Caleb's fingers clenched the stirring wheel tensely as he made the turn. Sweat beaded on his brow. After so many months, he was going to meet Kyana again. He could barely believe that this was happening. It was like a horrible nightmare that he could never awake from.

He laughed bitterly as he remembered the night he left Keira. He had made a vow that he would not be unfaithful to Kyana and that he would control his feelings - completely. It was only fair. That he paid back for what he did.

Parking his car, he slammed the door shut. His eyes were haunted and hooded; he was now ready to meet his nightmare.


Kyana collected her luggage from the conveyor belt. She quivered in anticipation. She couldn't help wondering how he would look like now. Maybe taller. Or handsomer. Maybe he would even have an accent!

Kyana felt guilty at her selfishness but she couldn't help feeling a sense of exhilaration rushing through her. Here, in Australia, she had her freedom. She was not bogged down by her sister's worrying emotionless state nor did she so sorely missed the one she loved. A ghost of a smile crept over her face. The one she loved. Yes, she was going to meet him again. Glancing impatiently at her watch, she told herself, "Just twenty minutes more."