What are these?
Hopes fears and ambitions,
Am I afraid of failure?
Dare I go to where even angels fear to tread?
I am staring into the face of my most hated rival,
Through thoughts not extinguished,
He shows me that I am lacking resolve and without confidence,
Disregard all knowledge of my previous actions.
The deepest of secrets I keep locked away.
For I know who he is,
And he knows me as intimately as I know myself,
He whispers failure in my mind.
He sends me images into my mind's eye,
Of that which could be if I falter but a simple step,
Always haunting just over the next freeze frame of my life,
It seems that all I can do is strap in and enjoy the ride.
Just tell me what I should do,
I can't stand the torture any longer,
All I want is to be left alone,
To be at ease and happy with who I am.
He will not allow that,
He'll never allow that,
There's too much at stake,
Too much has gone wrong.
His hold on me will remain,
Never to be relinquished,
Suffer the hands of the rival that binds me to him,
It seems that is all I can do.
Chained and shackled to the one that I hate most,
We are one and the same,
He is in me as I am in him,
He is I, and I am he.
Always there, and never ceasing.