Words Unspoken

Unfold and read the next chapter of my life,
Written and crafted just for you by my hands alone,
Never shall I give in,
Never will I give up.
There must be more meaning to life,
Than eking out this meager existence,
Shall I dare place my hope in things unseen?
These things are so real they scream into my soul.
Spare me the rhetoric,
Spare me the false modesty,
Spare me the old clich├ęs,
This is what I want to do.
Am I to be stricken down in my prime?
Before even being given a chance to truly live?
Myself has defeated me before I even began,
I have defeated myself long ago.
Shall I be put to rest along side the others of my generation?
Should I just lie down and die with the rest of them?
Live and let learn,
Without so much as a helping hand to guide me.
These morose feelings,
They threaten to consume what hope may still remain,
Sealed up tight so no one may see,
So that no one will know.
So loaded down with guilt,
That it paralyzes me,
I need to bleed so that I know that blood still flows,
I need to hope to believe that hope can still be achieved.
That I can't be what I should be,
That I can't be what I could be,
Because I can't be that which I want to be.