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Nasake Thompson stands in her parent's room trying desperately to take in everything she was seeing. The blood is still splattered all over the wall. Her stomach aches and there is a giant hole in her heart. She turns and walks, heart broken, down the hall. Her parent's screams were still echoing in her mind.

It was some horrible dream she kept reliving. She had had a dream last night. It was of her parents screaming. It wasn't a dream though. Those had been real screams. Her dream was a set of memories. All of them were of her parents and her together. The whole time she could hear her mother and father screaming and shouting for something or someone to stop.

The police arrived twenty minutes later. The chief had been a good friend of her parents and he knew that Nasake could never have done anything like that. He stared at the carnage. He held back the tears as he tried to write a report. He stepped into Nasake's room and sat on the bed next to where she sat. Tears no longer ran down her face. She had long since been out of tears. Her face was red and hot; her calm blue eyes were puffy and red. The chief clapped his hand on her back.

"I'm sorry Nasake."

"I wish. I wish I knew who did it."

"Me too." He shakes his head. "Well, it looks like an animal attack but that can't be right. I mean Aki is the only dog you have correct?"


"Don't get me wrong but a German Shepard would have no problem taking on a person but Aki doesn't have any blood on him. The trail of blood leads out into the woods and then to the river but then there is nothing. I'll keep this case open as long as I can but I don't know if we'll-"

"You'll find the killer. I know you will." Nasake says looking at him. He smiles at her and hugs her.

"You are welcome to stay with me."

"It's ok. I was leaving for this private school next week. I have to get ready to go." The chief seems slightly surprised.

"You're still going?"


"But with your parent's death-"

"It means that I most definitely have to go. I need to get a good education so I can be independent. I have to go now. Besides, they already paid for it. I can't just reject it now."

"I understand."

For the next week Nasake is pressured into keeping herself busy. Her family doesn't want her to dwell on the horrible incident. Instead they want her to try and ignore it. Even her boyfriend Tsumi tries to keep her mind off of her parents. None of their attempts work. Nasake is constantly thinking of the blood and the body parts that she found in the room.

Tsumi decides he should be the one to drive her to the new school. He made it a road trip and they made for the school two days before she had to be there. Tsumi was sure that he could convince her to stay but to no avail she refused.

When they got there Tsumi pointed out that the school was made mostly of boys. Nasake had failed to notice it.

"Nasake! You can't go here. Look at all these wolves. They're going to try and get you for their prey. I can't leave you here."

"Tsumi. I will be fine. I love you. Now go I will write you in a few days." She gets out of the car, grabs her bag, and enters the military institute. She recalls how they approached her parents a few weeks ago. They said that Nasake would be perfect to become one their computer technicians, but they also said she would make an excellent fighter. How they knew that Nasake could never figure out. She was, of course, in top physical condition. She played softball and constantly worked out. But how could they get a fighter out of a seventeen-year-old girl who had never picked up a gun in her life? She didn't even want to know, she really didn't even want to take the fighting classes even more but they were required.

The thought of having to kill something made her stomach churn and her heart break down. Before her parent's death she had always thought that fighting would be a good thing but now she just saw all fighters as tools for death. She was going to become one of those tools and it made her sick.

She entered the school and looked around. Unlike anyone else in her situation, Nasake was unafraid. She thought that nothing like fear should hold her back. She stares around the hall and immediately notices a tall blonde man with deep jade eyes wander over to her. He gives her a charming smile and takes her hand. He kisses it but Nasake shows no sign of embarrassment or amusement with the gesture. She stares cold-heartedly at him until he releases her hand.

"I'm sorry I must have embarrassed you or offended you or something."

"Not really." She replies half-heartedly. She could tell that this guy was only seeing her for the slender pretty girl. That's what annoyed her about him. Sure he was attractive but something inside her said that he was a jerk.

"Ow. That hurts right here." He says pointing to his elbow. Nasake raises her eyebrows at him before she laughs. He smiles. "See. I knew that you weren't all tough like you were acting. You don't look like you're mean."

"Well, thanks."

"I'm sure that you really are much nicer than you're allowing me to see." He says. He offers his hand. "The name's Ikari. You must be Nasake."

"How do-"

"I work in the main office. I was quite intrigued when I saw that they were taking you for a new fighter."

"I came her to be a computer tech-"

"Yeah, I saw that but the have you taking some advanced fighting classes too. So I figured that they must have been having you do some computer things but mostly fighting. They always have girls fight more."

"Why?" Nasake asks. She is truly perplexed at the fact that a girl is preferred as a fighter to a guy.

"Well, it's not that they are more skilled it's just that women seem to be able to more than the male fighters. Some of the guys don't completely understand the controls of some of the weapons they are using but girls seem to be able to retain that information. At least ninety percent of all the girls they have are in special forces."

"What about the other ten percent?"

"They pretty much stick to the control room, the computers or the medical facilities. But you'll go straight to Special Forces. I'm sure of it."

"What about the guys."

"Most of the guys that can't handle the weapons properly are sent to work in the mechanic's bay but those who can go straight to the Special Forces."

"Where are you?"

"Special Forces."

"So you mind showing me around?"

"Sure." They immediately head towards the dorms. On the way they pass a tall young man with long black hair and silver blue eyes. He looks at Nasake and Ikari with contempt for the young man but he seems to be interested in Nasake as he turns to watch her walk away. Ikari notices and frowns.

"Nasake, you might want to stay away from him. He's a real jerk who does anything he wants. Just ignore him or he'll hurt you." Nasake nods but turns to look at the man.

"What's his name?"